Hemorrhoid Treatment Group Discusses Hemorrhoid Prevention During Pregnancy

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Following People.com’s December 11th article, titled “The Dos and Don’ts of Your Pregnancy Workout,” Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed hemorrhoid prevention and care during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed hemorrhoid prevention and care during and after pregnancy. This discussion came as a result of the December 11th People.com article, entitled “The Dos and Don’ts of Your Pregnancy Workout.” The article revealed the best exercises for expectant women, focusing on the need to avoid unnecessary strain. Indeed, as women gain weight and feel increasing strain on their bodies, hemorrhoids may develop. Several precautions may be taken to avoid developing hemorrhoid issues. Prevention options are generally natural in essence, and may be adopted as simple habits during and following pregnancy.

Harley Pasternak, a personal trainer and regular writer for People.com, acknowledged the increasing obsession women have with post-baby body routines, and encouraged women to begin preparing for a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy through sticking to a simple, healthy exercise routine. His greatest suggestion was to continue to move- through walking or easy exercise moves- and to avoid excessive strain on the stomach and legs.

Just as Pasternak suggested, pregnancy places strain on a woman’s body. However, many women fail to acknowledge this strain and continue to carry out daily functions as they would if they were not pregnant. Doing so may result in a painful pregnancy, including the onset of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are also common after giving birth due to the strain of natural delivery. Hemorrhoid Treatment Group encouraged women to abide by some rules to prevent the onset of hemorrhoids. Among these is, as Pasternak said, to take extra care while exercising. Although exercise is necessary in maintaining a strong and healthy pregnancy, overdoing it can result in complications, including hemorrhoids. When exercising, do not attempt any movements that place strain on the stomach, upper legs, or gluteus. Hemorrhoid treatment is often not exceedingly painful or difficult, but may be avoided altogether. In addition, maintain a healthy diet to promote regular digestion and the proper development of fecal matter; eat plenty of fiber and readily digestible foods such as fruits and vegetables. Finally, develop a healthy understanding of the birth process, including how to breathe and push properly. Doing so may prevent the onset of hemorrhoids caused by excessive strain.

Harley Pasternak is a personal trainer and writer for People.com. He has dedicated his professional career to teaching his clients how to eat properly and how to exercise to maintain a healthy, motivated lifestyle.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed the importance of and ways in which pregnant women can care for their bodies in order to prevent the onset of hemorrhoids. Though these methods may not guarantee hemorrhoid prevention, a healthy diet, regular, appropriate exercise, and proper birth technique will assist in avoiding hemorrhoid onset. While hemorrhoid treatment is typically not invasive, most women would prefer to avoid the ailment altogether.

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