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Following the December 9th Google News article entitled “Walk this Way, Says China’s Heavy Metal Shoe Maker,” Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed several alternative treatments to remedy the hemorrhoid troubles many people face.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed the potential positive effects of alternative hemorrhoid treatment following the release of Google News’ December 9th article, “Walk this Way, Says China’s Heavy Metal Shoe Maker.” The article revealed one man’s devotion to heavy, metal shoes as a method for strengthening his back and curing his hemorrhoids. While this method of hemorrhoid treatment may be too extreme or difficult for the average patient, many alternative therapies exist to relieve the pain and symptoms of hemorrhoids. These alternatives are discussed in greater detail below.

Tom Hancock’s article revealed one Chinese man’s dedication to shoes literally made of heavy metals in order to strengthen his back and cure his hemorrhoids. The man, Zhang Fuxing, has been wearing these shoes for over seven years and consistently swears by the effectiveness of using metal shoes. He claims to walk approximately 16 yards per day in his metal shoes, and is now free of regular back pain and hemorrhoid symptoms.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group took to discussing varying alternative treatments for hemorrhoids following the potentially erroneous claim of one man and his homemade heavy metal shoes. Metal shoes aside, hemorrhoid treatment exists in many forms, including nutritional therapy. Nutritional therapy involves limiting the consumption of foods resulting in stool that exacerbates the eruption of hemorrhoids. This method is best used to lessen symptoms and prevent future occurrences. Herbal therapy is another alternative method of treatment, but should be used with caution and only under the care of an experienced healthcare practitioner or herbalist. Certain herbal blends may be used to eradicate symptoms of hemorrhoids and prevent future incidences. Finally, hydrotherapy, a therapy using water, is used to soothe painful hemorrhoids and encourage circulation for future prevention. As with traditional therapies, a doctor or healthcare professional should be consulted before entering into any hemorrhoid treatment plan.

Tom Hancock is a news correspondent for Agence France-Presse (AFP), a French news team. Hancock has worked as a foreign correspondent for AFP since July of 2012. He reports both from China and Mongolia.

Following the release of an article revealing one man’s attempt to cure back pain and hemorrhoids through the use of metal shoes, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group discussed alternative therapies available for those with hemorrhoids that are unable or unwilling to pursue traditional treatment options. These therapies range from simple control through one’s diet to administering hydrotherapy, encouraging greater circulation and easing hemorrhoid-associated pain. Each hemorrhoid treatment option offers its own unique methods and benefits, and may be identified and administered by a healthcare professional.

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