Herbal Magic Debunks Common Weight-loss Myths

Herbal Magic presents strategies for fast, effective weight loss.

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Experience Effective Weight Loss with Herbal Magic

Finding the right formula to achieve effective weight loss can be challenging and confusing. Thankfully, Herbal Magic removes the guesswork and provides a blueprint for weight-loss success .

(PRWEB) October 30, 2013

Are carbs good or bad? Are Canadians more likely to gain weight by eating late at night? Will eating foods high in fat make one more likely to store fat? If the secret to successful weight loss seems like a mystery, keep reading: Now, Herbal Magic debunks common weight-loss myths and reveals its strategies for simple, effective weight loss.

  •     Myth #1: All carbs are bad. To begin with, break the cycle of viewing foods as “good” and “bad.” When enjoyed in moderation, nothing should be completely prohibited. It is still possible to reap the benefits of fibre-rich carbohydrates – which keep that tummy feeling fuller for longer – and choose carbs that get absorbed into the system slowly to avoid surges in blood sugar levels. Good examples include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  •     Myth #2: Eating late at night packs on the pounds. With this myth, it’s important to remember that a calorie is a calorie – meaning that eating too many results in weight gain, while reducing overall calorie intake will help with weight loss. The actual time of day that the calories are consumed doesn’t impact weight gain, but this myth has some merit to it: mindless late-night snacking can result in overeating later in the day. Instead, try eating dinner a little later on or choose healthier options like fruit, a glass of milk or plain, air-popped popcorn. The good news is that shift workers and night owls needn’t worry, as long as overall calorie consumption remains reasonable.
  •     Eating fat results in stored fat. Are people who eat fat, well, fat? This myth is completely false. Fats do have a higher number of calories than carbohydrates or protein, but this does not necessarily translate into fat storage in the body. The trouble arises when calorie-dense meals are eaten regularly, creating a caloric overload. Instead, incorporate healthy fats to quell that appetite and cut the overall amount of calories consumed in a day. Instead of high-fat cheeses or salty chips, reach for a handful of almonds. Instead of avoiding all foods containing fat, consider opting for healthier fats in small portions.

Finding the right formula to achieve effective weight loss can be challenging and confusing. Thankfully, Herbal Magic now removes the guesswork and provides a blueprint for weight-loss success . Herbal Magic clients enjoy real food, personal coaching and support, and natural health products for effective weight loss and lasting results.

About Herbal Magic Weight Loss & Nutrition Centres

With approximately 280 centres nationwide, Herbal Magic is the largest Canadian owned and operated weight-loss company in Canada. Every Herbal Magic Canada team member has been extensively trained and certified as an Herbal Magic Personal Health Coach. With the support of its Scientific Advisory Team – comprised of a naturopathic doctor, nurses and a dietician – Herbal Magic’s weight-loss experts have the experience, training and tools needed to support clients throughout their weight-loss journey. Herbal Magic’s comprehensive system of real food, personal health coaching and natural health products is, quite simply, a common-sense approach to lasting weight loss. Visit http://herbalmagic.ca to learn more.



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