HerpesSingle.com is a newly launched herpes dating site that is worthy of attention

An ever growing number of people worldwide who have herpes are making the compelling choice of dating amongst themselves. Those individuals with herpes and even those without it are embracing the dating platforms that make this safe-dating possible.

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Herpes singles dating online

(PRWEB) February 10, 2014

For anyone who has herpes, dating someone who also tests positive is the responsible thing to do. Around the globe, niche dating of the STD-specific genre is a growing phenomenon that is being embraced by millions.

The founder of HerpesSingle.com has a lot to say on the matter: “It just makes sense really; the legal consequences of infecting a non-herpes individual because you failed to disclose that you are positive comes with serious consequences."

Therefore, the conscientious and responsible thing to do is to date someone who already tests/or tested positive. In doing so you can enjoy not only a free conscience but the opportunity to find love and relationship with someone who wants to be with you.

HerpesSingle.com offers varied and international profiles to suit the dating-match of everyone. With new members joining everyday there is literally hundreds to choose from. So say goodbye to the awkwardness of disclosure, the pain of rejection from disclosing, and the hurtful stereotypes.”

About HerpesSingle.com
It is a herpes dating platform with several hundred members. It offers privacy, safety, and security for every member and registration is 100% free.

To learn more about this site,please visit http://www.herpessingle.com