Effort to Replace Entire U.S. Congress Gets Much Needed Professional Help

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HireMojo, the first self-service hiring solution, today announced that it has initiated a search to replace all 435 members of the United States House of Representatives and 100 members of the United States Senate.

HireMojo hiring software
Since 1789, 12,013 individuals have served in Congress, so a 4.5% failure rate with our current 535 members is not so bad

In this historic move prompted by the recent avoidable government shutdown, HireMojo is supporting the effort to replace the entire U.S. Congress in an unofficial capacity as part of its civic duty. Affecting nearly all 316M (1) Americans in one way or another, Congress’ inability to resolve budget issues is sending over 800,000 federal workers home according to a CNN analysis(2) and has closed critical governmental services, like the National Institute of Health, which taxpayers have paid to be available(3). By contrast, all members of Congress continue to pay themselves(2).

“Not only did the government run out of money on Tuesday, the nation is set to hit its borrowing limit and potentially default on its debt in mid-October. Together, they serve -- in the words of CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta -- as a dysfunction double whammy.”(4)

“Since 1789, 12,013 individuals have served in Congress, so a 4.5% failure rate with our current 535 members is not so bad,” highlighted John Younger, HireMojo’s CEO. “A healthy democracy requires strong leadership, and we are delighted to help replace the current members with results oriented leaders for Congress that we need and deserve.” Serious candidates will be guided toward their appropriate legislative district and cheered as they displace the incumbents.

“Keeping Americans employed, filling every available job quickly and lowering unemployment are key objectives for us all. While the current members of Congress have certainly done their best, they have fallen short and need to be replaced as soon as possible.” emphasized Patrick O’Heffernan, previous co-host of Fairness Radio, left-right radio for the radical center. “While introducing some levity, this is an effective way to engage the public and give capable people some guidance to be considered.”

The job description is below and corresponding initial interview questions can be seen at http://www.hiremojo.com/congress.

About HireMojo
HireMojo (http://www.hiremojo.com) provides software that makes hiring easy for thousands of businesses. Leveraging the power of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and incorporating most methods to find the best-fit candidates, HireMojo makes it possible to fill most jobs within a few weeks with the least amount of effort and cost. With a focus on helping companies under 1000 employees who represent over 75% of all the open jobs, HireMojo launched an initiative to drop unemployment in the United States by 10% by 12/31/14. Based in Larkspur, CA, HireMojo was launched in January 2013 to make the filling of nearly any job significantly easier, faster and at no or low cost. HireMojo hiring software

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Title: Congressperson for United States Senate or House of Representatives – Lead by Example and Make Laws We Actually Want
Job #: NewCongress

To apply, refer or learn more go to: http://www.hiremojo.com/congress

You have a talent for listening to many perspectives and distilling the essence of the group’s desires and concerns into a plan of action. Your rhetorical flair and quick wit make you popular in most circles and you often find yourself the life of the party. Now, step up to the opportunity of a lifetime as a United Stated Congressperson where your analytical prowess, negotiating skills, keen intellect and common sense will be embraced and celebrated.

The United States Federal Government offers competitive salary and benefits, including an innovative healthcare plan! In addition to completing this application, the selection process includes being elected in your specific state and district.

Representing ALL the people in your district, not just those who voted for you, we will rely on you to carefully review and decide on over 10,000 proposed new laws or changes to existing laws each year. If insomnia is an issue for you, there is a good chance that reading these bills may be the most effective remedy. That said, the 650 or so that actually do get passed will likely need your highly honed debating and negotiating talent.

While the U.S. population is 51% female, over 87% of the current members of Congress are white, male lawyers averaging 53 years of age, who have a median net worth of $913,000. We applaud their financial success and wish them all the best as YOU replace them with your more intimate understanding of the needs, concerns, desires and values of US citizens just like you.

Beautifully stated in a series of public letters written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay in 1787, "It is an unfortunate incident that those who administer the government may forget their obligations to their constituents."

Apply today, we need you!!

Here are the questions asked in the online process:

1. The average price of a gallon of milk is:

  • $10.22
  • $6.25
  • $3.43
  • $2.11
  • I don’t know, let me get a member of my staff to check

2. The primary reason for the government shutdown was:

  • To stop the “We the People” petition to withhold Congressional pay when the government is shut down
  • Like Windows, it simply works better when it’s rebooted in safe mode once in a while
  • Balance the budget by stopping all spending for a while
  • To give the NSA time to complete their surveillance upgrades without the hassles of oversight
  • To devote even more of our waking hours to Miley Cyrus and twerking

3. The best way to create jobs and keep American’s working is to:

  • Allow a government shutdown and stop 800,000 people from working
  • Promote and encourage innovation across many industries with tax and other incentives
  • Raise taxes, especially on smaller businesses
  • Create complex government structures to regulate and control how businesses must operate
  • Improve education and make getting a college degree more affordable

4. The bumper sticker I’m most likely to put on my car is:

  • “Has anyone seen my Constitutional rights?”
  • “Gun control means using both hands”
  • “One Nation… Under Surveillance”
  • “If guns kill people, then spoons make people fat”
  • “You can tell a lot about a man by the size of his CARBON FOOTPRINT”
  • “No Tea for Me!”
  • “Vegetarian – Native American Word for Lousy Hunter”

5. When a dinner guest does not agree with me, I typically:

  • Nod in agreement and move on
  • Consult with my escort service
  • Yell disparaging remarks and wave my arms wildly
  • Talk non-stop up to 21 hours to force submission
  • Negotiate a solution that works for both of us to the extent possible
  • Go to war

6. Regarding healthcare reform, I support:

  • Keeping things just like they are; having 40 million without coverage is the best way to thin the herd
  • Removing the structures between the health care professionals and the patient, like insurance bureaucracy, effectively reducing costs while simultaneously improving care
  • Proceeding with intermediate steps so the insurance companies can continue to thrive

7. I believe climate change is:

  • A massive conspiracy primarily driven by electric car companies and people who hate coal
  • Possible but not likely
  • Real, but not as big of a deal as promoted in the news
  • A significant issue and we need to take action now
  • Happening and I’m buying beach front property in Nevada

8. The number of illegal immigrants deported in 2012 was:

  • Around 100
  • 100,000
  • 400,000
  • Over 1 million

9. When balancing my personal budget, I typically:

  • Don’t worry about it and print more money in the basement
  • File the “miscellaneous” expenses under the category “toilet seat” or “hammer”
  • Hire 20 aides to sort it out for me
  • Wait until the following year
  • Suggest going to war

10. The Tea Party is:

  • The Mad Hatter and friends
  • A great historical event in Boston
  • Likely to call Rush Limbaugh stout rather than fat
  • Still thinking John McCain made the right vice presidential choice
  • Secretly taping The Daily Show by Jon Stewart
  • A lovely gathering with crumpets

11. Congress voted to make English the official language of the United States. Coming in second was:

  • Urhobo
  • English (British)
  • '70s jive talk
  • Hehe
  • Spanish
  • English (Texan)

12. When I go to a frack party I like to:

  • Release gas
  • Use up to 600 chemicals
  • Hang with my friends
  • Drink beer
  • Get contaminated

13. Should my candidacy be deemed appropriate, I:

  • Authorize HireMojo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media
  • Ask that HireMojo contact me to get authorization prior to forwarding my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media
  • Do not want HireMojo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media

14. I confirm that my answers to questions in this on-line interview are complete and accurate. Permission is granted to verify all statements in this application.

  • Yes
  • No

15. Why do you think that you can be a highly productive member of Congress?

16. What will be your campaign slogan?

17. What embarrassing thing will be found when your background is checked that you would like to share now?

(Please note that the selection process includes being elected in your specific state and district. Instructions will be provided to all applicants.)

To apply, refer or learn more go to: http://www.hiremojo.com/congress

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