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A new article published on the site Healthreviewcenter.com offers 24 home remedies for shingles.

24 home remedies for shingles

home remedies for shingles

There is a new article on the website Healthreviewcenter.com that mentions 24 home remedies for shingles. Is it reliable?

The article on the site Healthreviewcenter.com introduces 24 home remedies for shingles. This article is written for people who want to find a useful treatment for shingles. Firstly, the writer indicates that cool compresses and cold packs are among the most efficient home remedies for shingles. They can help people relieve the pain which results from the skin blisters. The writer also states that Tai Chi is an effective behavioral treatment that helps boost the immune system and prevent shingles. People should also apply over-the-counter creams, which contain steroids or other anti-inflammatory compounds because they help reduce inflammation and shingles pain effectively. Besides, people should avoid scratching, squeezing, or popping at the shingles because they will take a longer period of time to heal and can also lead to scarring. To prevent the spread of shingles, people should avoid contacting with children, elderly, and ones who have cancer or have undergone transplants.

Secondly, the writer gives people 5 useful tips on how to get rid of herpes naturally and quickly. The writer indicates that people can relieve the itching and pain of shingles effectively by sponging the affected area with vitamin E oil, goldenseal, peppermint tea, or apple cider vinegar. People should also apply starch baths and colloidal oatmeal baths to reduce the pain and incessant itch caused by shingles. The writer also encourages people to make use of echinacea supplements. It helps people boost their immune system and fight off the shingles infection effectively. People should also take a vitamin E supplement or eat foods that are rich in vitamin E, such as mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, and almonds to speed up the shingles healing process.

Mei from the site Healthreviewcenter.com comments: “this article is useful for many people because shingles is a relatively common and painful skin issue in the world today. Moreover, the tips and skin care methods that the writer offers are so easy to understand, so people can apply instantly and easily. One more thing, this article does not promote any drug, pill, or medication, so everything it offers is totally natural. Therefore, people who want to find an effective herpes treatment should read this entire article and make use of tips that the writer introduces. I believe that people will get desirable results after applying these useful tips.”

If people want to read the full article, they should visit the website: http://healthreviewcenter.com/health/24-home-remedies-for-shingles/

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