Houston Re-Pipe Experts at Clean Team Plumbing are Offering PEX Piping to Replace Galvanized Water Lines with a $500 Rebate

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Houston re-piping contractors at Clean Team Plumbing are pleased to announce a new rebate for $500 off of whole house galvanized water line replacement when PEX piping is used; offer expires 04/15/2014.

Houston Re-Piping

Houston Re-Piping

Water quality is important and we want to make sure that people who need re-piping in Houston get a great deal

Houston re-pipe contractors at Clean Team Plumbing are now offering whole house galvanized water pipe replacement with a $500 rebate. This new offer expires on 04/15/2014 and is available to homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas. “Water quality is important and we want to make sure that people who need re-piping in Houston get a great deal,” says Brad Mallory, Owner of Clean Team Plumbing in Houston.

Repiping in Houston Texas, Why it May Be Needed:

  •          Houston has hard water. This means that there are a lot of minerals in the water. Homes in Houston we originally built using galvanized pipes which are prone to rusting faster than normal when exposed to high mineral levels.
  •          Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out. This means that if a pipe develops a leak it has rusted all the way through from the inside out. This also means that the fresh water coming through the pipe has rust particles in it.
  •          When galvanized water pipes start to leak there is no way to repair it other than to replace the pipe. A small pin hole leak, which is the most common for deteriorated galvanized pipes, can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time if left unattended.
  •          Rust colored water, low water pressure, leaks and fluctuating water pressures like the shower going cold when the toilet is flushed are all signs a re-pipe in Houston may be needed.

Houston re-piping experts at Clean Team plumbing almost always replace old galvanized pipes with PEX pipe. They are an Uponer Installer and they offer a 10 year warranty along with the 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. “We take care of everything to make sure the customer’s re-pipe experience is a pleasant one. We pull all necessary permits, call for city inspections, maintain a neat working environment out of respect for the home, and if requested we will also provide the customer with sheetrock repair at the penetration sights which the $500 rebate can be applied toward,” says Brad.

Benefits to Using PEX Piping from Uponer:

  •          It is flexible. This makes installation quicker, which often leads to a reduced price for the homeowner when compared to other re-piping methods such as using copper.
  •          PEX Piping is resistant to scale and chlorine, doesn't corrode or develop pinholes and has fewer connections and fittings than other re-piping methods.

Clean Team Plumbing offers homeowners at no cost estimate for re-piping in Houston TX. “We are happy to come out and take a look at an old galvanize pipe installation to give a homeowner options for repair or replacement. We are also happy to give a second opinion at no cost,” says Brad. Clean Team Plumbing is a full service plumbing company. They handle residential and commercial plumbing repair and are always offering coupons and specials.

To learn more about Clean Team Plumbing please visit their website. To take advantage of the $500 rebate being offered for re-piping in Houston give them a call. They are happy to explain the offer and any restrictions. Consumers are also invited to see their video for re-piping in Houston.

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