Houston TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Introduces Intervention Program for Drug Addiction

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Making a person understand that their chronic drug abuse is causing serious problems can sometimes need outside help. For a no-cost consultation, call 832-786-5535.

Houston, TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is happy to introduce a new intervention program as part of its structure for people dealing with drug addiction issues in Houston and surrounding towns.

When a loved one is caught up in their drugs of choice, they do not care about their family, friends, work, clothes, cleanliness or where they live. The addict has only one thing on his or her mind, and that is where the next cocaine, heroin and prescription drug can be picked up. Their lives become totally uncontrollable and unmanageable. Family members stand by and see this person destroy their lives through daily abusive behaviors.

An intervention interrupts this path in an immediate and focused way. Calling on a professional interventionist in Houston is a first step toward bringing all the damage caused by the individual to their awareness. The intervention process starts with a professional meeting with parents and friends, listening to their stories of pain and anguish, and forming a picture of where the practicing addict currently is in his or her life. Then, the intervention plans are made by choosing the environment and time. They can take place either at a home or another location that would be considered neutral by the drug addict. When the intervention itself takes place, family and friends get an opportunity to clearly state their emotions and feelings around what damage and carnage the addict's behaviors and attitudes have done. The addict may not like what he or she is hearing, and could leave the event as soon as it starts. But some addicts will truly listen, see tears of pain rolling down the faces of people they know and love, and understand what their drug addiction has cost them. The interventionist will have a list of consequences ready for the addict if they decide not to enter residential treatment immediately. Those might include loss of a car, loss of job, closed credit cards, and getting kicked out of their home.

The drug addict is clearly given a choice to make. Which one he or she does make is not up to the family and friends. All they can do is follow the intervention process through its completion, and hope the addict selects treatment over addiction.

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