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A new article released on the site offers 14 useful tips how to strengthen teeth.

14 tips on how to strengthen teeth

how to strengthen teeth

A brand new article on the website mentions 14 tips on how to strengthen teeth. Is it believable?

The article on the site offers 14 tips on how to strengthen teeth. This article is useful for people who want to learn how to get healthy and beautiful teeth within a short time. Lien Nguyen – the writer of this article – indicates that drinking water regularly will help people clean their mouth. Lien Nguyen also encourages people to make use of tea because this ingredient is naturally rich in antioxidants – an important substance that is needed for a healthier oral cavity. Tea also includes fluoride that helps protect the tooth enamel from being degenerated. People should also chew parsley regularly because it will not only make their breath fresh, but also save their teeth from sugars, which can deteriorate enamel. The writer also encourages people to learn simple yet useful ways to whiten teeth.

Secondly, the writer introduces 7 super healthy foods that are proven good for teeth. The writer states that people should eat foods that are rich in vitamin D. In fact, studies have shown that vitamin D plays an important role in regulating proteins, which build up the tooth enamel. People should eat a lot of enriched egg yolks, cold water fish, or fish oil because they are great sources of vitamin D. People should also eat more strawberries because they are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. These two substances are very important to maintain the oral cavity and overall health. Finally, author Lien Nguyen encourages people to eat more foods that are rich in vitamin C. In fact, vitamin C helps kill most of the acid creating bacteria that exist on the teeth surface.

Michael from the site comments: “This article is really useful for me and people who want to learn how to strengthen teeth within a very short period of time. Previously, I just wanted to find out some natural tips to stop tmj pain. However, after reading this article, I think that we should also strengthen our teeth to prevent dental diseases. In fact, many people want to strengthen their teeth without using harmful pill, drug, and medication. Meanwhile, author Lien Nguyen indicates that people can actually meet their expectation by counting on natural ingredients. All of the foods that Lien Nguyen encourages people to use can be easily found in any food store, so people should not worry about it. I believe that this article will be useful for people worldwide.”

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