How Men Can Last Longer During Sex – A New Video Released by Conscious Counselor

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The common male / female sexual dynamic can often leave a woman unsatisfied in bed and longing for more. Conscious Counselor, an organization dedicated toward helping people live a more fulfilled life, recently released a video describing proven methods and techniques that can help a man become a better lover, who fully meets his woman's needs.

If you want to get better in bed guys, there is an exercise that you can do every day at home.

Sex can often times be a difficult subject to talk about, especially when people feel that their sex life needs improvement. Many turn to books or magazine articles for advice, but it can be difficult to interpret the actions the articles or books are describing. Especially when it comes to men having sex, it can be difficult for the man to know how to last longer in bed to satisfy his partner. Now the organization, Conscious Counselor, has released a video where sex advice is discussed openly.

In the video, Sead Pepic, spokesperson for Conscious Counselor, discusses how he struggled to last a great deal of time in bed in order to satisfy the woman he was with throughout his early twenties.

“I'm speaking from experience and what my tantra teachers have taught me," commented Pepic. "When you overcome this problem, your love life can become something so wonderful for yourself and your partner, it's almost otherworldly. This is vital information that has been hidden for so long. It is time to bring this out to the world”

The YouTube video first addresses the performance problems that many men experience, using what men usually go through and examples from Pepic's own life. Pepic goes on to explain how he was able to overcome these issues, giving performance details and a specific exercise that is proven in the bedroom rather than theory that's unproven. The technique was taught to Pepic by his tantra teacher and has been passed down through the years. Sead Pepic explains this in a full video. To locate this video under YouTube, do a search under Conscious Counselor. Then you will find one of the videos specifically talking about the performance of men under the sheets with their women.

A big part of the method Pepic reveals is an exercise involving breathing and working out the perineum. This approach of sexual fitness is the same way an athlete would approach preparing for a sport or a person looking to become stronger would approach a weight training program.

The videos from Pepic and the Conscious Counselor are being met with an enthusiastic response.

John M., from Boston, recently remarked, “I'm very happy to have found out about Conscious Counselor. The fact that they are providing such life changing information, and it is available on YouTube is amazing. Not only am I grateful, but my wife is too after I've applied the tips Sead shared when it comes to satisfying your partner.”

“Let’s face it. If you want to get better in anything, what do you do? You practice. That is the only way to get better at something, at anything. What do you do when you want to get better in bed guys? It is practicing. There is an exercise you can do every day that will enhance your love life by 10 fold. It’s bringing the energy up, and actually exercising the perineum,” says Pepic. Conscious Counselor created a video explaining the full exercise. To locate this video under YouTube, do a search under Conscious Counselor. Then you will find one of the videos specifically talking about the performance of men under the sheets with their women.

Pepic and Conscious Counselor plan on continuing their video series as well as teaching through other innovative methods whenever and wherever possible, approaching all aspects of living an aware and fulfilled life.

Sead Pepic recently started the organization, Conscious Counselor. The organization brings awareness to people about everyday living and how to improve it. With awareness, people can choose better ways to live or improve the life they have leading to a more fulfilled and happier life. Conscious Counselor releases videos regularly on important lifestyle issues including advice on eating, happiness, living in the present, dating advice for women, and the differences between men and women. Conscious Counselor videos can be searched for on YouTube by typing “conscious counselor” in the search box. You can also connect with Sead on facebook by going to

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