How to Plan Your Landscaping That Saves You Time and Money

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Innovators at have created an amazing new website to help homeowners save time and money, while gaining confidence and control over a planned landscape project.

With fifteen years of experience in the landscape industry, the team at Blushirt have seen far too much time and money wasted in bringing a landscaping project to fruition. The majority of homeowners don’t know what landscaping will cost and contractors begin each new project with a custom approach in mind. For a homeowner shopping contractors, that leaves a wide variety of ideas and quotes to sort through. This combination can lead to costly design fees and a lengthy investment of time.

By using Blushirt as your initial step when planning a landscape project, it allows a homeowner to gain control of what style they like and what budget they are hoping to stay within. It also allows a contractor to know what’s in a customers’ head; and in their pocket. By combining this method instead of the old school method, a homeowner and a contractor can be on the same page from the first handshake. The result is now a more confident and quick process to get the project to the construction stage. After all, having the project actually installed is what both parties are ultimately going for.

Why not get there quicker and cheaper? Custom landscape plans can range between $ 250 and $ 500, and take up to three weeks to prepare. With a landscape package, homeowners and contractors alike can instantly map out the landscape of choice and quickly see how the space can be used. Super quick, and a minimum savings of $230.

Although these time and cost savings are staggering, the real power behind Blushirt lies in knowledge and confidence. Remember, a Blushirt package includes what the landscaping should cost to have professionally installed. With Blushirt, homeowners can be sure they are receiving a fair price.

Chances are a purchased Blushirt package would need to be tweaked to match on-site requirements. The chosen contractor is happy to do this considering 90% of the work is already done. Imagine from the contractors’ point of view coming to an educated homeowners’ home, that already has a professional plan and an associated budget. The contractor can view the site, make the necessary adjustments and the project is ready to go. Both the homeowner and the contractor save weeks of time and a lot of money.

The choice is to follow the old way of planning for landscaping or fast forward to 2014 and gain control instantly using Remove the wonder, anxiety and fear that is easily solved by using Blushirt to save you time and money when planning your landscape. Custom is no longer the only option.

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