New Product from Restore Tools Knows How to Restore a Corel Draw File Damaged After All Types of Crashes

Restore Tools, an expert in data recovery technologies that has developed dozens of data recovery products for the most popular home and office applications, reveals the fastest and most efficient version of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox, a compact tool created for users who are facing a data corruption problem and don’t know to how to restore a Corel Draw file. Based on a proprietary recovery engine, the tool features an intuitive UI suitable for users of all skill levels.

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CorelDraw Restore Toolbox

a compact tool created for users who are facing a data corruption problem.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Restore Tools, one of the world’s leading suppliers of easy-to-use, accessible and highly efficient tools for quick and comprehensive data recovery from damaged files of the most popular formats, is glad to announce the availability of a considerably improved and optimized version of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox, a convenient solution for the problem of damaged CorelDraw files.

The new version of the product features a number of improvements aimed at making the recovery process faster, smoother and more productive. The optimized core of CorelDraw Restore Toolbox contains various enhancements that enable the program to restore data from seriously damaged files that no other programs can cope with. Since the program is intended for the widest audience possible, its interface was designed with a minimum of control elements and is based on a multi-step wizard that facilitates data recovery and turns it into a series of consecutive steps.

For users who don’t know how to restore a Corel Draw file, the program offers complete process automation and ultra-fast processing of CDR files of all versions and sizes. The software takes seconds to download and install and requires no additional components of any sort.

“CorelDraw Restore Toolbox is a perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t know how to restore a Corel Draw file after a crash or any other data corruption incident,” explained Senior Software Engineer at Restore Tools. “The product offers a no-brainer interface that sits on top of a very capable recovery engine, and we guarantee that users won’t be disappointed with its performance and efficiency.”

The demo version of the program can be downloaded free of charge from the official website of Restore Tools. All Restore Tools products are thoroughly tested for viruses and are 100% safe to download.