Marketing Video Specialists ideaMachine Studios Releases Steve Jobs Memorial Video

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Award winning animated production company ideaMachine Studios announces the release of a promotional video celebrating the marketing genius of the late Steve Jobs.

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We took the speech and looked at it in the light of Apple’s company history. What did the company go through? What did Steve Jobs go through?

Celebrated animation company ideaMachine Studios today announced the release of a video celebrating the marketing genius of Apple founder Steve Jobs. The 4 minute video features Job’s infamous ‘Think Different’ speech.

Established in 2010, ideaMachine Studios has experienced a meteoric rise to success in the highly competitive explainer video space. Offering a myriad of corporate video production services including motion graphics, animated infographic, comic book and RSA style animation, ideaMachine is the studio of choice for upwards of 300 brands around the globe. Employing a team of the most talented animators, illustrators, producers and directors in the industry, ideaMachine is a year-on-year multiple Telly Award winner. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, ideaMachine is in the business of helping brands tell their stories through unique, poignant and creative means.

The ideaMachine leadership team recently made the decision to take on a passion project to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Steve Jobs. Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne, founded Apple Computer Inc. in 1976. A modest technology company that was first run out of Jobs’ garage became one of the most successful brands of all time. Much of Apple’s success is attributed to Jobs’ fearless leadership and commitment to innovation. Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO in 2011 and passed away just a few months later.

Jobs’ life and legacy serve as inspiration to the entire ideaMachine team. With the recent release of two Hollywood movies depicting Steve’s rise to success, ideaMachine decided it was the ideal time to create their own homage to Jobs. The video features Jobs’ 1997 speech to Apple employees on their approach to marketing. Often accredited with being one of the most celebrated marketing speeches of all time, Jobs shares his inspirational views on corporate values and their integral role in marketing.

“A lot of things have changed. The market is in a totally different place than it was a decade ago. Apple is totally different…but values and core values, those things shouldn’t change,” stated Jobs in his speech.

The creative minds at ideaMachine decided to feature Jobs’ speech in a commemorative video. The newly released short not only shares Jobs’ powerful message but walks viewers through a time lapse of the evolution of Apple devices in chronological order. The full length video is featured on the ideaMachine Studios website.

“We stumbled on the Steve Jobs Think Different marketing campaign speech in light of the movie release,” stated Steve Day, Owner and Creative Director of ideaMachine Studios. “As animators, we were really struck when he paused for a good while before he said ‘... marketing... is about values.’ We could see in his body language that that thought weighed on him. And, in fact, that thought would determine the direction of Apple for the next two decades.”

Day went on to say, “The thought was that Apple was not about ‘making boxes for people to get their jobs done.’ In public, he told his executive team, that they and the company should be about something more. They needed to think beyond the equipment...beyond the dollars; toward something more. They needed to live in service to a higher calling. It’s hard to hear this speech without being moved. Not just because we are hearing a speech from the late Steve Jobs, but because we know what he is saying is true. Our studio was challenged by this very real moment. Were we just clocking in and clocking out? Were we living from dollar to dollar? Or, were we working for something more?

So, we took the speech and looked at it in the light of Apple’s company history. What did the company go through? What did Steve Jobs go through? What changes were made in his life? And in the company’s life? But as we looked at him and his history, we could not help but see our own lives flash before our eyes. In the end, this video became a deep look at our own mortality. As the Apple devices age over time and animation aged over time, so too were the choices we made. In the end, we had to ask ourselves the all-consuming question is there more—‘Do we think different?’”

As ideaMachine prepares to promote the video, both on and offline, they hope their efforts will increase awareness surrounding Job’s infamous speech and inspire a new generation of marketers. Stay tuned for more announcements from this innovative studio as they continue to produce unique, thought provoking video content.

11 time Telly Award Winner ideaMachine Studios was founded in 2010. Comprised of a dynamic team of experienced and talented animators, illustrators, directors and producers, ideaMachine Studios effectively communicates unique client messaging through high quality video content. Located in New York, ideaMachine employs the best and the brightest in the animated video production industry to produce award winning content for each and every client they serve. Learn more about ideaMachine Studios at or call (646) 791-6345.

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