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Nutritionist Mary Carolyn Immunity Strength & Protection on Sharon Kleyne Voice America. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® Sponsors Power of Water® Water Life Science® Sharon Kleyne Talk Show on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes.

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio Logic Aqua® Research

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio Logic Aqua® Research

Air Date: 8 June 2020

Guests: Mary Carolyn is a nutrition expert, a nutrition studies statistician, and gardener. Carolyn is also a certified personal trainer, RYT200 Yoga professional and certified Pilates trainer.

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Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® founder Sharon Kleyne has studied water for thirty-five years and she’s shocked that we are not finding cures for disease anymore. “We’ve left common sense behind,” says Kleyne, “but now with this pandemic we have to find it again. We are all in this together.”

Kleyne teaches that everyone is born equal from a mother’s pocket of water. “Earth began with a plan and that plan was called Life,” says Kleyne. Water in the atmosphere is the key to life. All of the organs of the body require a certain percentage of water, and immunity protection is the sum of all those percentages of water. “There are 36,000 nerve-endings in the feet,” says Kleyne, “and nerves run through the entire body carrying electrical charges of water. We are all like batteries,” instructs Kleyne. “Everyone needs to learn immunity strength and protection of his or her own body to fight off disease and mental emotions.”

At the same time, Kleyne is “very disappointed” that so many are not taking the pandemic seriously. “When people go outside without a mask, that’s life and death!” insists Kleyne. “You have to take it seriously to protect yourself and others.”

Nutritionist Mary Carolyn knows that immunity strength and protection rely heavily on nutrition. You are what you eat! Carolyn, who is completing a masters degree in clinical nutrition, is concerned that people avoid all of the fad diets on the market. “You have to study nutrition and learn it for yourself,” says Carolyn. “What better hobby than maintaining your own health?”

Kleyne, upset that social media creates “emotions that are robbing people of their personal lives” and believing that babies should be tasting water right out of the gate, asks Carolyn about nutrition for children.

“Children,” says Carolyn, “naturally choose healthy foods, but parents are very influential about diet. Taste buds develop early, even in utero, so it is important that parents carefully guide children to eat well and stay hydrated with pure water. Make meal preparation fun for the entire family.”

When Kleyne asks about healthy foods for immunity strength and protection, Carolyn explains that she embraces a mostly plant-based diet. She adds that there is no number one vegetable that is best for immunity strengthening, but that variety and eating seasonally is the best approach to health.

Carolyn touts onions, cooked or raw, which are good for the heart. She describes cooking them with garlic, spinach and kale for a delicious, healthy dish. Carolyn teaches that the best way to ‘reach’ people is to introduce them to cooking with herbs and spices. “People love variety in taste,” says Carolyn. A master gardener, Carolyn describes how easy it is to grow thyme, rosemary, dill and parsley. Other veggies Carolyn recommends include arugula, radishes, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, cilantro, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, celery blueberries and strawberries. Carolyn even points out that spinach, kale and broccoli contain protein. A rule of thumb, both Kleyne and Carolyn agree, is the darker the vegetable, the more antioxidants it packs, thus promoting immunity strength and protection of the body.

Of course, a conversation about food can’t end without some attention on dessert. When Kleyne asks Carolyn about her favorite dessert, Carolyn does not disappoint.

“Lately it’s been a vegan chocolate brownie, no flour,” says Carolyn. “I add carob, walnuts, pecans, figs, a little maple syrup. It’s delicious ad healthy!”

Yes, even a commonsense dessert can contribute to immunity strengthening and immunity protection.

LISTEN to the internationally syndicated The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, naturally pH balanced water technology for acid mantel protection, on VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio & Apple iTunes with producer and host Sharon Kleyne and program director Rose Hong of Global Dragon TV. This program features Mary Carolyn is a nutrition expert, a nutrition studies statistician, and gardener. Carolyn is also a certified personal trainer, RYT200 Yoga professional and certified Pilates trainer.
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