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In the wake of an August 26th article in the Idaho Statesman titled “Providers of Dialysis in Idaho Raise Alarm”, announced its support of purchasing term life insurance, protecting loved ones from financial difficulty.

Following an August 26th article from the Idaho Statesman titled, “Providers of Dialysis in Idaho Raise Alarm”, suggested the purchase of term life insurance to its readers, citing the possibility of an unexpected death in a family a very real concern. The article discussed the decreasing availability of dialysis, prompting Idaho residents to question their finances, financial position, and the ability to live after a diagnosis involving the need for dialysis.

Audrey Dutton discussed dialysis in Idaho, including its prevalence among the state’s residents. Idaho is fourth in the United States in dialysis ratings, reporting over 34,000 cases of dialysis in 2011. New cuts in Medicare coverage leaves many of those needing dialysis unable to afford treatments, and suddenly facing a crossroads in their lives regarding potential survival and the need to put their affairs in order before dialysis treatments have stopped. Medicare payouts will be reduced approximately 10 percent, greatly reducing the amount of time patients will be able to receive dialysis treatments. Dutton argued that these cuts were problematic because dialysis centers were not typically profitable, only earning a 3-4 percent profit. Cutting costs does not merely harm consumers; it also harms dialysis centers financially. Many are gathering to protest the cuts, set to pass in November.

Following Dutton’s analysis of the Medicare situation in Idaho, urged its readers to consider the future and plan for it. Idaho term life insurance, for instance, may provide a safety net for the families of those facing the loss of Medicare; Medicare is automatically provided for those in need of dialysis, regardless of age. Many individuals in need of dialysis treatments are young and have families that need to be cared for in the event of a death of one or both parents. Term life insurance may offer relief from the pressures of providing for a family after death, offering income compensation, college fund replenishment, or even paying off a mortgage, depending on the family’s needs. In the wake of budget cuts and the possibility of kidney failure occurring sooner, Idaho residents are urged to consider looking into purchasing a term life insurance policy.

Audrey Dutton is a writer for the Idaho Statesman, focusing her work largely on insurance and economics of the state of Idaho. Her work is typically critical in structure, citing problems embedded within the state’s economic structure and current governmental decision-making. She has been writing for the Statesman since February of 2011.

Following Idaho’s movement in Medicare to decrease the funds set aside for dialysis patients, cautioned Idaho readers to consider purchasing a life insurance policy in order to care for their families after they have passed on, focusing on term life insurance and what it has to offer. Term life insurance can offer families of those who have died from kidney-related complications a source of income replacement, mortgage payoff, and the development of personal funds, providing peace of mind for families suffering from kidney disease.

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