Sunset Finances Declares the Importance of Funeral Preparation

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Sunset Finances declared the vast importance of funeral preparation in light of the September 17th Inquisitr article, titled “Drake, The Game Donate $10,000 each to Funeral of Ohio Mobile Home Fire Victims”.

Sunset Finances declared the importance for both individuals and families to take the time to prepare for funerals and funeral expenses, both for themselves and for loved ones. This urging came on the heels of The Inquisitr’s September 17th article, “Drake, The Game Donate $10,000 each to Funeral of Ohio Mobile Home Fire Victims”. Following a devastating mobile home fire in Ohio, which claimed the lives of one woman’s boyfriend and five children, Sunset Finances implored readers to look to the future and think deeply about funeral costs, needs, and preparation.

Tayla Holman revealed the decision of two musicians, Drake and The Game, to contribute to the funeral costs facing Anna Angel. Angel, busy working a morning shift, was not home to see the devastating fire that consumed her mobile home, killing her boyfriend, as well as her five children. The fire is said to have originated in the center of the home, engulfing it in flames in mere minutes and rendering any possibility of escape impossible. Angel now faces the grief of losing loved ones and the financial burden of preparing a funeral and burial plots for her boyfriend and children. Drake and The Game, when they became aware of her struggles, each pledged $10,000 to assist in covering the cost of a funeral and burial arrangements.

Following this tragic news story, Sunset Finances urged readers to plan ahead, and prepare for the possibility of a loved one’s passing, or even their own. Though death may come with old age and a long life, it may also come swiftly and unexpectedly. Bearing this in mind, it is important to consider funeral and burial arrangements sooner than later. Although there may be things on this list that all people do not need, believes that, for many families, this is what should be done:

-Write out an official will.

-Choose Godparents or decide who would care for the children if something happened to both parents.

-Write the kid(s) a note telling them about yourself and how much you love them. The editor of Sunset Finances commented, “You never know how young your kids will be when you pass away. They may be so young that they don’t remember you when they are older. A special note would be very appropriate. Even if the note sits there until you are 94 years old, it is a special touch for a child of any age.”

-Investigate potential burial insurance options and possibly pre-purchase a plot if you are set on a particular burial place.

For some individuals, a simple letter detailing what is desired in a funeral service is enough. believes that for families with little kids left behind, a more detailed route is highly important. Whether funeral and burial planning involves a will, insurance, or simply talking with a loved one about wants and needs regarding end-of-life care, Sunset Finances cautions readers against putting such topics off until it is too late.

Tayla Holman is a journalist with over 7 years of experience in both print and online journalism. She began her career working at her university’s student journal, and has since built a following working in a wide arena of focuses, including politics, finances, and health.

Sunset Finances urged readers to engage in planning for the future—specifically, to prepare for the possibility of an unexpected death in the family. Though such planning looks different for every family and every individual, Sunset Finances encourages the composition of a will, delineating clear instructions regarding children, debt, and assets. If more information is wanted on planning for death while one is still living, read this page from Burial Insurance Insider.

Sunset Finances is a website devoted to assisting families in celebrating the lives of their loved ones.

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