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HTG discussed the arrival of new improvements in hemorrhoid treatment, drawing a comparison to old treatment methods. This came on the heels of the Daily Mail UK article, published on December 10th and titled “What Ticking Biological Clock?”

The Daily Mail UK’s December 10th article titled, “What Ticking Biological Clock?” prompted Hemorrhoid Treatment Group to discuss the dawn of greater improvements made in hemorrhoid treatment options. While the prospect of hemorrhoid treatment may frighten some individuals, many advancements have been made to improve the lives of those suffering from hemorrhoids. Pregnancy, a common culprit for hemorrhoid onset, is increasingly coinciding with advanced age, heightening the likelihood of hemorrhoid development. As a result, more treatment options for hemorrhoids are becoming available—particularly treatment for severe hemorrhoids.

The Daily Mail revealed that, while pregnancy rates among young women are declining, pregnancy rates among women over thirty are steadily rising. Specifically, pregnancy among women from the ages of 35 to 39 has leaped by 30%. Despite this sudden leap, women in the United States are having fewer children than only fifteen years ago. Despite this overall decline, older women are considering childbirth later in life. The Senior Editor of HemorrhoidTreatmentGroup.com can be quoted saying, "I am not surprised at all by these statistics. My own mother had me at the age of 42. I believe that life expectancy increases and plans for college, career, then marriage and babies, play a role in the change age change. I'm 30, just married this year, and definitely don't foresee children in the next 2 years. To many, including myself, it seems that 35 is the new 25 when it comes to child birth."

HTG knows that pregnancy is a common culprit for the onset of hemorrhoids. As the Daily Mail revealed, older women are having children far more now than in the past, resulting in the risk of greater complications during and following pregnancy. One of these pregnancy-induced complications includes hemorrhoids.

With this in mind, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group drew a comparison of medical hemorrhoid treatment in the past, and hemorrhoid treatment as it is today:

HTG realized that in the past, invasive surgical procedures have been needed to cure severe or persistent hemorrhoids, resulting in longer recovery periods. HTG found that new methods of surgery (including a new instrument designed to use subtle vibrations to improve current hemorrhoids and prevent future outbreaks) reduce both the invasive nature of procedures and the expected recovery time. HTG learned that where recovery time may have exceeded several days in the past, improvements in the area of hemorrhoid treatment allow patients to return to their normal activities the same day that treatment is administered. HTG's senior editor commented, "I have many friends whom have suffered with hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy. Through their experiences, I have learned that hemorrhoids can come, stick around from a while, and when you think they've healed, they can come right back. Treatment for hemorrhoids seems vital to full recovery. To have new methods of surgery, where patients are able to return to their normal activities within the day and are less likely to have future problems is absolutely amazing. I think it is quite a breakthrough to have a newer treatment like this for a thousand year old problem."

The Daily Mail UK is a London-based, online source of both local and international news. The Mail ranges in reporting interests from international news to covering basic entertainment news.

Following the news that women are waiting longer to have children, potentially resulting in higher-risk pregnancies, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group constructed a comparison of medical hemorrhoid treatment options in the past and the newest improvements in treatment. Because pregnancy is a common culprit for the development of hemorrhoids, many women are concerned about the treatment options available and the potential recovery period. However, new treatments are being developed that promise far less pain during treatment, and the ability to return to a regular lifestyle the same day as treatment is administered. Compared to treatment options as recent as five years ago, current hemorrhoid treatment options are far superior, both in terms of invasiveness and pain prevention. The editor of HemorrhoidTreatmentGroup.com said, "We here at HemorrhoidTreatmentGroup.com are rejoicing for the medical advances in the treatment of hemorrhoids."

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