New Tips on Inclined Platform Lift Speed Governor Announced by Butler Mobility

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The Butler Mobility Inclined Platform Lift is equipped with multiple safety mechanisms that will hold the platform in place in case of power failure.

inclined platform wheelchair lift

Inclined Platform Lift

The speed governor is located inside the lower end of the lieft hand rail.

The Butler Mobility Inclined Platform Lift is equipped with multiple safety mechanisms that will hold the platform in place in case of power failure or a slack/broken chain. These safeties include slack/broken chain switches, slack/broken chain safety pawls, motor brake, and speed governor. All of these safety features are important and essential to maintaining a safe and worry free ride up and down the stairs.

Today’s tech tip is all about the Butler Mobility speed governor for the Inclined Platform Lift unit. This is the device that will stop the platform and hold it in the unlikely event the power unit becomes disconnected from the lift. It is important that this device be inspected and maintained over the life of the lift. The area around the lift should be kept free of dirt, grease, moisture, and pet hair. When the speed governor system gets dirty or greasy, the governor will actuate under normal speeds and stop the platform on its way down. At that point the system needs to be cleaned and degreased.

The speed governor mechanism is located inside the lower end of the left hand rail (facing the lift at the lower level). The speed governor mechanism is connected to the lower chain sprocket and axle assembly. When the platform begins to descend too quickly, the small bearing balls inside holes of the sprocket hub will be forced out and catch on the cam ring surrounding the sprocket. The cam ring will then rotate and release a spring loaded block that will drop into the teeth of the chain sprocket. The chain sprocket and drive will immediately stop and keep the platform in place. Moving the inclined platform lift up a short distance will release the block from the sprocket and allow the platform to descend.

Under normal conditions, if the area around the bottom rails is kept clean and dry, the speed governor will be fine. A simple visual inspection with a flashlight to make sure the springs and cams are in place should do the trick. If for some reason the customer complains that the platform stops on descent without explanation and they can move the platform up a short distance and then the platform will move down again, it is likely that the speed governor needs a good cleaning. Do not use wd-40 or any oil or grease to clean or lubricate inside the left hand rail. To clean the speed governor only use a quick drying, degreasing solvent spray that contains acetone. Look for a good brake cleaner spray with acetone found at any auto parts store.

Next week on ken’s Butler Mobility Tech Tips he will describe how to go about cleaning the speed governor.

If you need any information about this or you have any questions about proper maintenance, please give us a call here at Butler Mobility Products: (888) 847-0804.

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