Will Increasing Domestic Competition Be The Death of Indie Developers? Dream Bot Studios Offers Indie Insights for 2014

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As the domestic markets become more competitive will indie game developers future suffer? Dream Bot Studios offers indie insights using the companies last six months of internal data and following the large moves of Google Inc. and other mobile companies to give insight into what could work in 2014 for mobile developers.

Indie Insights from Dream Bot Studios

Indie Insights

The sole purpose of my research is to judge if what we are doing is working. So we can adjust and have valid reason to change course if we needed to. The data and experience is also shared to help fellow Indie Game Developers.

According to Dream Bot Studios CEO app discovery is becoming a huge hurdle for most independent game developers. Markus Skupeika, the CEO backs his claim on increasingly more competitive markets with clear moves from the industry giant Google Inc.

Google Inc. stated on August 21st, 2013 in China Daily, "Intensifying domestic competition is driving Chinese mobile game developers into overseas markets, said Google Inc, owner of the world's most used smartphone operating system." You can read the full report here.

The Sydney Morning Herald on Sept 7, 2013 shared some insight into some successful Indie Developers experience such as Papandriopoulos, and others, who believe the app store gold rush may be over. "That's not to say people can't make money from the app store, but it's super tough," You can read the story here.

To plan a prosperous strategy for the future of the company and to offer insight to indie game developers, Dream Bot Studios has been journaling the company's last six months of data of what works and what didn't for their company.

The CEO Markus Skupeika, stated "The sole purpose of my research is to judge if what we are doing is working. So we can adjust and have valid reason to change course if we needed to. The data and experience is also shared to help fellow indie game developers."

Dream Bot Studios has already released over 40+ titles in the app store. The focus has been a two prong approach which is stated publicly on their website. The first prong is to focus on smaller and simpler games. This would help the studio acquire more data quickly as to what worked and look into possible cross promotion. The second approach is building medium innovative titles and focus on upgrading content for these games continuously.

Markus Skupeika, stated that "Apple is becoming a more crowded marketplace and there is a slight downfall of eCPM which is decreasing."

He has shown some of his last 2 months of ad network data to give some insight to his claim and images from his reports.

"You can see the data from RevMob in just the last 2 months of data how the eCPM has decreased. It may be because they are only showing Candy Crush ads, but I expect the eCPMs to continue to drop or stay steady at a lower rate."

You can read the full report here on their website.

The CEO also shares his experience in focusing a game studio on just monetizing thru ads versus building a strong user base and constantly focusing on retention.

For indie game developers, it is clear Dream Bot Studios is looking to collaborate and share experiences. Using Facebook and Twitter the CEO is warning indie developers of being shown what he calls, "Magic Bullets" to jump into game development. These magic bullets the CEO refers to could be software to quickly build apps or source codes which developers can re-skin to quickly make more games.

Markus explains "When the market started changing and becoming more crowded is when I noticed more promotion of these courses and magic softwares. As if people were selling off their assets before the stock market crashed. I simply wish to warn some indies to be sure to make sure that making dozens of smaller games is the right path for you."

As 2014 approaches many indie developers will need to be aware of the rapid changes in the game industry. Mobile developers, PC developers, and console developers must look into where the industry will be going rather then where it is now.

The CEO has prepared their mission to help identify their cause internally with the company, but also to help other indies in the game industry.

If you wish to learn about the latest six months of data that the company recorded, you can view it on their website under indie insights.

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