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Following the September 17th Examiner article, titled “Kardashian Money: Scott Disick Flaunts Wealth on Instagram”, Celebrity Business Analyst responded to the subject of displaying wealth in celebrity photos.

Celebrity Business Analyst Responded to an article regarding celebrity displays of wealth, and whether they should be seen. This discussion came on the heels of a September 17th Examiner article titled “Kardashian Money: Scott Disick Flaunts Wealth on Instagram”. The article showed recent Instagram photos wherein Disick displayed thousands of dollars in rolled up hundred-dollar bills. The photos sparked a discussion that Celebrity Business Analyst commented on.

Amanda Scheffler wrote an article discussing Scott Disick’s antics regarding his wealth after he posted photos on a social networking site. Disick, a reality TV celebrity, is best known for his role as one of the Kardashian’s romantic interests. One photo simply shows Disick holding on to a thick stack of hundred dollars bills, while another shows those same hundred dollar bills rolled around a toilet paper holder. The rest simply show pictures of either various amounts of money or Disick’s impressive jewelry collection. The publication of these pictures elicited many responses from fans, some commenting on the humor present in the pictures, others unhappy with his blatant show of wealth.

Celebrity Business Analyst acknowledged Scheffler’s questions regarding whether celebrities should make obvious displays of wealth, including ones that might seem disconnected from the common man or wasteful. Though Disick’s actions may be seen as in poor taste, it is likely he posted the photos in good humor, without the intent of hurting others. That being said, however, many were quick to point out the potential for good wealthy individuals’ money. However, Celebrity Business Analyst notes, regardless of an individual’s status as a celebrity, financial decisions are best left to the individual with the money, rather than their fans. Though Disick could have demonstrated greater tact, perhaps, the photos posted to his Instagram were not done so in violation of the site’s photo policies, and were not inherently harmful. For those wishing to see more of Disick and the Kardashians, consider checking with GoDish.com for their upcoming satellite television deals.

Amanda Scheffler is a writer for the Examiner, focusing her work and celebrity news and gossip. She identifies herself as an avid adherent to the celebrity news and gossip scene, devoting much of her time to finding new stories to report. She has worked for the Examiner for over 4 years.

In the wake of an article discussing the potential flaw of celebrities making grand shows of their wealth, Celebrity Business Analyst stepped in to comment on the public regarding celebrity money as something up for discussion, rather than a private or personal matter. Though some considered reality television star Scott Disick’s decision to post pictures of bundles of hundred dollar bills on his Instagram account a poor one, Celebrity Business Analyst encouraged readers to regard such a show of wealth a personal decision rather than an action in need of public action or disgrace.

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