Invokana Lawsuit News: Attorney Commentary on Canada Case

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The nationally-renowned Onder Law Firm provides commentary on the latest Invokana lawsuit news; the topic is the class action lawsuit filed in Canada against Johnson & Johnson.

Invokana Ketoacidosis Lawyers

James Onder of the Onder Law Firm

Having represented American individuals and families in the aftermath of countless drug recalls and safety warnings, our firm is cognizant of the grave nature of dangerous drug claims.

A new Invokana lawsuit filed by Canadian plaintiffs earlier this month against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson is the subject of commentary from attorneys handling national Invokana claims in the United States. These national Invokana attorneys provide full drug warning information and regular Invokana lawsuit news as a public resource.

The Canadian Invokana lawsuit seeks more than $1 billion in compensatory damages on behalf of patients who allege they have suffered an injury as a result of taking Invokana, according to court documents. Joudry, who initiated the case, allegedly suffered from severe kidney damage while taking Invokana for eight months, according to court documents. Joudry asserts that she would have avoided taking Invokana had she been warned of its risks, according to court documents. The suit proposes a class to include Canadian residents alleging they've suffered from kidney damage or ketoacidosis from Invokana and that the company was negligent in warning patients of the potential for serious Invokana injuries, according to court documents.

A representative of the Onder Law Firm offered the following commentary on this latest Invokana lawsuit news:

“We have been fielding numerous calls recently in which potential plaintiffs are inquiring about a class action lawsuit in the United States. The Canadian and American legal systems operate somewhat differently, and we do not anticipate that this complex issue will spark a parallel class action lawsuit in the United States. Rather, we expect a multidistrict litigation may emerge, which is typically the method American courts employ to resolve complex and serious claims regarding the safety of pharmaceutical drugs.

“Multidistrict litigation is a legal procedure that allows cases filed in districts throughout the United States which share common questions of fact to be consolidated for pretrial proceedings, while still preserving the separate details of each case. This is different from class action, which is generally used in the U.S. Judicial system to resolve simpler claims and less severe allegations. When allegations of serious injuries or wrongful death are at stake, class action is not typically the preferred method. But whatever develops, Americans can count on receiving news and information about Invokana lawsuits at our website.

“It is only in the past year that American doctors and patients have learned of the risk for kidney problems, ketoacidosis, and bone density loss from Invokana, health risks which have been the subject of FDA warnings in 2015. Any Invokana litigation is in its earliest stages at this point.

“Having represented American individuals and families in the aftermath of countless drug recalls and safety warnings, our firm is cognizant of the grave nature of dangerous drug claims. We have committed our firm’s extensive resources to providing premier representation for families and persons who believe they may have grounds to file an Invokana lawsuit claim against Janssen and Johnson & Johnson.”

The lawsuit, Rosalba Joudry and Janssen Inc*, is the first major litigation that has been filed since official Invokana warnings emerged earlier this year. In the United States, the FDA has issued two Invokana warning statements this year: In May, the federal agency warned that ketoacidosis, a blood acid imbalance, may be a dangerous side effect of SGLT2 inhibitors, which include Invokana.** Then, in September, the FDA issued a second warning on Invokana dangers, stating a risk of bone density reduction and fracture has been connected to the drug.***

These Invokana attorneys are currently reviewing claims for kidney problems, ketoacidosis, and other serious health problems connected with Invokana. Invokana lawyers will provide a confidential case evaluation at no charge for persons who suffered kidney failure, blood acid problems, or another side effects while taking Invokana. Individuals who fit this description may contact a lawyer through the firm’s website for a no-obligation consultation on whether they have grounds for an Invokana lawsuit. The firm’s Invokana lawyers believe persons and the family members of persons who meet this description may be entitled to real compensation for the harm and damages they sustained while the makers and manufacturers of Invokana benefited from their business.

The Onder Law Firm welcomes Invokana lawsuit inquiries from law firms in regards to handling them or working as co-counsel.

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  • Rosalba Joudry and Janssen Inc, Case No. W-15-536111, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, filed 9/10/15

**, 9/10/15
*** 5/15/15

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