Bawell Announces Their Grandparents' Day Alkaline Water Ionizer Sale After TEPCO Admits The Radiation Leak Is Worse Than Originally Reported

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Bawell Water Ionizers reports their Grandparents' Day Sale goal is to update the public about the new developments on the radiation leak that is polluting the earth’s water supply and the environment.

“It is always hard to find the right Grandparents Day gift, because by the time people become grandparents they typically have everything they need or want,” the Bawell alkaline water ionizer representative explains. Then he continues by saying, “With all the news coverage about the severity of the radiation leak and the constant coverups, Bawell has decided to run a Grandparents' Day alkaline water ionizer sale. The intention of this sale so close to their Labor Day sale is to help raise public awareness about this devastating situation that will eventually affect us all. Alkaline water ionizers make the perfect gift, because there are so many different applications for the water that is produced. Bawell also has a variety of machines in different price ranges to fit anyone’s budget.”

"In a recent press release TEPCO finally disclosed to the public that the tanks were only leaking 100 mSv per hour, downplaying the actual radiation leak level by almost 95%," the Bawell alkaline water ionizer representative says. The story continues to state, "Ito Tetsuo is the radiation biology Professor of Kinki University who stated that 'regarding the level of hourly 1800 mSv there is only a thing called death if you stay exposed to this for four hours. One hundred percent of persons will die within 30 days,' (Bloomberg) which is very clear," the Bawell rep explains.

"The really scary part is the fact that radiation levels around Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant have now been proven to be 18 times higher than previously thought, the Japanese authorities have warned," the Bawell alkaline water ionizer representative remarks. He continues explaining, "The press release continues to state that readings taken near the leaking tank showed radiation was high enough to prove lethal within four hours of exposure. Since the human body is mostly water, it only makes sense that we make sure our water is clean. Something that we will need to watch out for now, and in the future, is that products which come from Japan are not manufactured or use parts that are manufactured around the area where the radiation leak is. In fact Japan as a whole has a much higher level of radiation due to this nuclear meltdown and ongoing crisis, one only needs to research Chernobyl as a previous example. radiation has already been discovered in many exports from Japan. In July 2012 three hundred radioactive Japanese cars were stopped at the Russian border. Most shockingly deadly levels of radiation were discovered in produce and rice crackers two hundred and twenty five miles away from the Fukushima meltdown site". All Japan-made products could possibly be tainted with varying levels of radiation, some deadly. Any person purchasing exports from Japan should make sure they are safe and have not been exposed to radiation from the ongoing nuclear crisis. To follow and stay up to date on this crisis visit

If you are in the market to purchase a water ionizer, be sure to personally verify and test any Japan-made water ionizer for possible radiation exposure or avoid them and all other Japanese made products completely. To learn more about Bawell visit their company website to see the different models of Bawell alkaline water ionizers and for information on the Bawell Grandparents Day alkaline water ionizer sales currently running. All the Bawell water ionizer models have the standard Bawell 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, plus either a Forever Lifetime Warranty or a standard Lifetime Warranty.

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