Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan Asks, Are Samsung Curved Screens the Future of Wireless?

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Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

Will Samsung Curved Screen transform the industry?

Samsung introduced the first curved screen in the smartphone world, says Reuters, Oct 9.

Tech analyst Jeff Kagan weighs in on this.

“Let me ask you a question. When you look at your smartphone, do you think it’s, well, too flat? We have seen the wireless world transform itself, time and time again over the years. Is the next big change getting ready to sweep across the industry curved screens? Really?” asks Wireless analyst Jeff Kagan.

“Recently, Motorola introduced the Moto X. It had a curved back, but the screen was flat. However curved looks like it is working its way into the conversation all of a sudden. One question. Why?” asks Principal analyst Kagan.

“Why is there such chatter about being curved? What value will it bring to the marketplace? Is it important, or just new? I see no apps screaming for a curved screen. Will carriers sell curved screens? Perhaps I’m missing something, but really, a curved screen? Asks Principal analyst Kagan.

“I have followed the wireless industry over the last thirty years since it began. I have watched growth and change redefine the industry, time and time again. The last major transformation was six years ago when the Apple iPhone and Google Android were born. We are all waiting for the next big hurrah. But curved screens? Is this Candid Camera? What’s next, fuzzy glass?” asks Kagan.

“So far, I don’t see a need for curved smartphone or tablet screens, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a hit. Remember, before the first iPhone or Android there was no screaming demand for smartphones either. In fact Blackberry had served that market for many years before the transformation six years ago. So perhaps this curved screen world is a sign of things to come. However, we are still in the very early pages of this new chapter. As such tomorrow seems unclear. Let’s stay tuned and see if this curve screen world really becomes something. This time Samsung is starting this race first, but I think we’ll see others jump in soon as well,” says Kagan.

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