Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan on Cobra Jumpack: Backup Power for Smartphone or to Jump Start Car

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“Thumbs Up on this Cobra Jumpack." Says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

“Thumbs Up on this Cobra Jumpack." Says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

Cobra introduced their Jumpack, which is a device that starts dead cars, recharges your smartphone or cell phone, and provides power or recharging to many other electronic devices.

Industry analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment.

“We all want batteries to last longer. Like everyone else, occasionally I have a dead battery. Sometimes it’s in a less critical device, but other times it’s in more important devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Still other times my car won’t start with a dead battery. All of these can be a disaster, especially if you are away from home or the office.” Says Wireless analyst Jeff Kagan.

There are several solutions to these problems. Some are backup batteries that lets users keep their devices charged. Others are smartphone cases which give lasting capacity. Still others are automotive battery jump packs, which are pretty good size backup batteries stored in your trunk.

“I have some of these devices and they have all saved me when power went dry and no plug is available. However Cobra has their new Jumpack which goes one step further. Not only will it be added power for your handheld devices, but it will also jump start a dead battery in your car.” Says Technology analyst Kagan.

“I always carried a pretty good sized box in the trunk. In it was a backup battery with the juice to jump start a dead car battery and get my car running again. After getting one of these Cobra Jumpacks, I have recently removed that big old battery in a box and replaced it with this tiny competitor.” Says Tech analyst Kagan.

“I have used it to power my smartphones and other devices when they ran low. It works great on them. However I have not had the chance to jump start my car yet, so can’t say whether that works just as well, but I hope so.” Says Kagan.

The Cobra JumPack comes with a built-in LED flashlight, a strobe and an S.O.S feature for emergencies.It comes with jumper cables for the car. I also comes with a 12V charger to charge your device batteries. This also let’s you plug it into the wall to charge it up.

How long does this carry a charge? It says it holds a charge for longer than larger batteries. It was recommended that users should plug this in now and then to kept it top charged.

The price is around $130, depending where you purchase it, but the peace of mind of backup power for your smartphone, tablet or automobile can be well worth it.

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