Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan on Lenovo Superfish Malware Causing Brand Damage

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Lenovo is currently dealing with one of the biggest brand damaging challenges in their history, says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan.

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

Lenovo is currently dealing with one of the biggest brand damaging challenges in their history, says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

Lenovo has realized this Superfish does not work and is now causing them significant damage to their brand and loss of trust with their customers, says CNN Money, Feb. 19.

Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment on what Lenovo can do to save their brand and relationship with the customer.

“We are watching Lenovo get pounded by loads of negative articles media and commentary from industry analysts on this growing Superfish problem. This single Superfish issue can be enough to cause very significant damage to the trusted Lenovo brand and the solid relationship they have with customers. This is a serious problem,” says Tech Analyst Kagan.

“Many customers have been using Thinkpad products for decades. They have been generally pleased, although there are always things that don’t work right with each. However none of these issues caused users to suddenly change brands in large numbers. None of these issues damaged the brand relationship so suddenly like this Superfish problem seems to be doing,” says Wireless Analyst Kagan.

There is no way to know what kind of long term damage to the brand this incident will cause for Lenovo.

Will they recover from this hard, self inflicted blow? Will they be able to save their brand from long lasting damage?

“As an industry analyst, I have been called on by the media for my opinion on this matter. I think this is a very serious and very significant challenge for Lenovo. I think it is good that Lenovo is fixing this problem on their own rather than fighting it or ignoring it. I think it’s now up to the marketplace to weigh in with their opinions,” says Telecom Analyst Kagan.

“This kind of self inflicted damage to the brand is tough for any company to deal with. On the other hand Lenovo may be the largest and most successful of all PC makers. They have a strong brand relationship with their customers. So recovery is not only possible but I would say is probable, if they can do everything right going forward,” says Kagan.

“I think Lenovo can make it through this Superfish problem since they have such a well known and strong brand. However this strong brand has taken some severe hits. They must continue to move forward and be better than they were before in order to rebuild the trust that has now been shaken by this Superfish issue,” says Kagan.

“As an industry analyst, I will keep my eyes on them and hope they can move past this without any real, long lasting problems. Let’s hope they learned an important lesson here. Don’t screw around with customer trust or you will lose it,” says Kagan.

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