Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan on New Xiaomi Mi Note Smartphone, Tablet, Phablet

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The Xiaomi Mi Note will compete with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The next question is will it be a winner, says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

The Xiaomi Mi Note will compete with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The next question is will it be a winner, says Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Chinese wireless smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled their Mi Note smartphone in Beijing, says the Wall Street Journal, January 15.

Industry analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment.

Xiaomi is the worlds fourth largest smartphone market.

The leaders of the smartphone wars both globally and in the United States are Apple iPhone and Google Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

The leader of the tablet market in the US is Apple iPad. Samsung and every other tablet struggle to make progress in this sector.

Now the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are making a big dent in the traditional smartphone, tablet and phablet market.

Third on the list in the US market is Microsoft Nokia Lumia with single digit market share. Others have an even lower, single digit market share.

“This is the tough marketplace that Xiaomi faces. However on a world-wide basis, Xiaomi has won the fourth place position in shipments and seems to be growing at this early stage in their life span.” Says Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan.

“Todays smartphone marketplace has only a few real winners. However we must realize that this sector is still brand new and leadership can change at a moments notice with innovative ideas and thinking.” Says Telecom Analyst Kagan.

“The Xiaomi Note strategy seems to offer a solid smartphone at a fraction of the traditional cost. There is quite a bit more than price that matters in the smartphone world. Apps for example are very important.” Says Kagan.

“So far the Xiaomi strategy seems to be working, but we are still very early and it’s too early to give long term predictions. However at this stage it looks like Xiaomi seems to be doing a good job.” Says Kagan.

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