Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan on AT&T, Sprint Offering Lowest Priced Wireless Data Plans

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“Congratulations to low data usage customers of AT&T Mobility and Sprint as they now get the lowest rates for a wireless data plan,” says Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan.

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

“Congratulations to low data usage customers of AT&T Mobility and Sprint as they now get the lowest rates for a wireless data plan.” Says Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan

There are lot’s of wireless data service plans for power users among the wireless carriers, however there was very little at the low priced end for light users. Suddenly both Sprint and AT&T Mobility are working hard to fill that need, according to Wireless Week, Oct 22.

Technology industry analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment.

“Some customers want the biggest, all you can eat wireless data plans. However not everyone needs that much capacity and would prefer to save some money. Now they are in luck,” says Industry Analyst Kagan.

Things are changing. Suddenly both AT&T Mobility and Sprint are offering very low cost 1GB wireless data plans.

  • Sprint now charges $20 per month as part of their Family Bucket for 1 GB of wireless data usage.
  • AT&T Mobility charges $25 as part of their Family Share Plans for 1GB.
  • Verizon Wireless has not lowered their prices and still charge $40 as part of their Share Everything Plans.

“One interesting question is, will Verizon Wireless lower their prices to keep up with the competition? We’ll just have to wait and see.” Says Kagan.

“The wireless industry is changing. We are seeing a move toward lower pricing and more data capacity. That is good news for customers. As this transition occurs, I expect to see winners and losers in this space. Based on what I am hearing from customers, at this early stage I would say longer term winners would be the companies who are offering what the customer wants. Lower prices,” says Wireless Analyst Kagan.

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