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The First to Use Crowd-Solving in Reducing the American Jobs Deficit

If Congress won't focus on job creation We The People will

Citizen Job Solutions is the new, dynamic voice in a world of tired, old talking points and so-called advocacy “research”. It offers original, specific job creation solutions that are truly of the people, by the people and for the people. In a world devoid of solutions drowning in blame and the same old cataloging of problems, it is the source for original, specific job creation solutions.

Citizen Job Solutions is the first to use crowd-solving in tackling America’s anemic job growth. Crowd-solving leverages the innovation, drive and expertise of the more than 240 million adult aged Americans to solve America’s greatest deficit – the jobs deficit. The founder of Citizen Job Solutions, Neil Macke, has seeded the process with a “Top 20” list of job creation solutions.

Citizen job solutions will also provide truly original thinking and perspectives on current economic, financial and political topics. Topics will include outsourcing and in-sourcing, U.S. trade policy, deficit reduction, minimum wage, upward mobility, welfare, income inequality, the U.S. financial system, Congressional accountability and U.S. corporate tax rates among others. These can be found in the “Hear It Hear 1st” section of the Citizen Job Solutions website (

About the founder: Neil Macke is a contributor to the Federal Reserve Beige Book and currently advises both regulatory agencies and institutional investors. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California where he studied political campaign strategy and finance. He earned an M.B.A. from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He has guest lectured at Harvard University, Columbia University and the University of Southern California among others on various issues including business cycles, investment strategies and the impact of politics on economic output.

Top 20 List of Job Creation Solutions

Category: Increase Return on Taxpayer Dollars

1.    Replace universal corporate tax rates with merit based individual corporate tax rates i.e. corporate tax rates determined by how many full-time jobs each company creates. Link:
2.    Stop giving tax breaks in hopes that they will create jobs. Instead, give tax breaks to those who created jobs…in America. Link:
3.    Any state that is a net recipient of Federal funds is prohibited from using tax incentives to poach companies from other states: Link:
4.    Either a. Obtain market rate returns on investment, the nearly $147 billion in federally funded research and development projects or b. Let the private sector fund the $147 billion (see Solution #10 for b.)

Category: Increase Transparency

5.    Have members of Congress track their time down to the 10 minute increment resulting in a searchable database showing how much time they spend fundraising and meeting with lobbyists. Link:
6.    Term limit lobbyists to no more than two years.
7.    Tape and put online all Congressional phone calls. If the NSA can listen to the average American’s phone calls surely the American people have the right to know who the people it elects to Congress are talking to and what they are saying.
8.    Add Job labels (similar to nutrition labels) to each product sold in America showing how many Americans were employed making the product, how much they were paid an hour, whether they received healthcare insurance from the company and how much welfare was received by the employees. Like a nutrition label but for jobs.
9.    Using the data from #8 create a searchable database showing company level job, wage, healthcare and employee welfare benefits. Only then can we know who the real American job creators are.

Category: Deficit Reduction (through reduced government spending and increased business investment)

10.    End U.S. R & D funding saving $147 billion while corporations increase their R & D investment by $147 billion.
11.    Companies reimburse the Federal government for every dollar of federal welfare their employees receive.
12.    Companies not providing healthcare insurance pay a higher corporate tax rate.
13.    Allow the Federal government to negotiate drug prices in Medicare Part D program as opposed to the current prohibition against the Federal government using its size to negotiate better pricing

Category: Stop Being the World’s Global Trade Patsy

14.    If other countries require a company to manufacture the products they want to sell to those countries in those countries then we require the same of those companies if they want to sell to Americans.
15.    End Most Favored Nation Status

Stabilize the U.S. Financial System

16.    Don’t limit pay at financial institutions, rather…
17.    Require “C” level executives, loan officers and anyone receiving bonuses or stock options at federally insured institutions be paid based on loan performance, NOT loan volume. Link:
18.    Require “C” level executives, loan officers and anyone receiving bonuses or stock options at federally insured institutions be paid over time in the proportion to the portion of the loans paid back.
19.    Decrease required bank capital ratios during economic recessions, increase required bank capital ratios during economic expansions.
20.    End deduction of loan losses which creates a moral hazard by reducing the cost of loan losses to banks.


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