Security Software and Hardware Provider STDi Expanding Rapidly in South America as Advancements Breach Borders, Says CEO Jose Susumo Azano

For developers, keeping up with the most recent advancements in communications was already challenging. Today, keeping tabs on the secure delivery of information has become just as important as the functionality of any new tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

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While our lives revolve around technological leaps, STDi remains at the forefront of such developments by maintaining a steady presence behind the scenes.

Mexico City, Mexico (PRWEB) July 29, 2013

There is a constant rise of cyber criminals who would like nothing more than to crack the code on new smartphones. Thus, safety and security are equally as important as the functionality of any newly introduced device. Security software and hardware provider STDi has seen tremendous growth, especially in South America, as a result of an increased demand for technology that is not only reliable, but trustworthy as well.

Security Tracking Devices S.A. de C.V., or STDi, is a Mexican-based corporation founded in 1988. The company specializes in providing real-time hardware and software solutions for security intelligence command centers that help the secure delivery of digitized information for companies, cities, and entire nations.

“While our lives revolve around technological leaps, STDi remains at the forefront of such developments by maintaining a steady presence behind the scenes,” STDi CEO Jose Susumo Azano explained. “Our innovators considered security development far before anyone had the chance to put their lives online.”

With operations across the globe, the company is one of the most rapidly growing security solutions providers today. Their systems analyze billions of bytes of data into one unified language, allowing systemized information simulations and modeling for operating systems worldwide.

The company offers software and hardware solutions in border protection, urban management, cyber security, transportation, law enforcement, and natural disaster preparedness for operating systems throughout the world, and their reach has stretched far past its initial borders in Mexico. They have expanded into areas of South America and beyond, remaining one step ahead of the technology curve as well as the most advanced of cyber criminals.

Regardless of how cool the next big app appears to be, or how wonderfully convenient a tablet synchs with the most recent software updates, the underlying fact is that once personal privacy is compromised, all faith and devotion to technology is lost. Were it not for STDi, the urgency placed on technology developers would not be the same without the security behind it.


  • Adam Reifman