Jumpfactor Digital Marketing Issues Advice for Businesses in 2013 to Look Beyond SEO Price and SEO Technique When Looking To Hire An Agency.

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Jumpfactor digital issues advice and warns about “standalone” SEO techniques in 2013. Companies looking to buy effective SEO services at affordable SEO prices are advised to take note.

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There are numerous ways to succeed in SEO and sometimes the more obvious marks for success can be misleading as it is easy to miss the forest (ROI, conversions, revenue) for the trees (ranking, traffic, gross income)

Award-winning digital marketing company Jumpfactor has worked with hundreds of corporate clients throughout North America, helping them realize their online marketing goals with remarkable cost-efficiency and brutal effectiveness. Search engine optimization techniques change rapidly and Jumpfactor warns that not all SEO techniques are equal, even though many might share superficial similarities; buyers might be at risk of paying high SEO prices and ultimately receiving lackluster results in 2013 and beyond. The advice comes after a string of Google updates have been rolled out, rendering many seo methodologies ineffective and affecting millions of sites globally.

“Today effective Search engine optimization is a multifaceted process that goes much deeper than most business people understand," says a SEO Manager at Jumpfactor. "There are numerous ways to succeed in SEO and sometimes the more obvious marks for success can be misleading as it is easy to miss the forest (ROI, conversions, revenue) for the trees (ranking, traffic, gross income).”

Unlike simpler marketing strategies, success can have multiple meanings when referring to SEO. Jumpfactor believes that for SEO to be successful, companies must regard it as the means to higher ROI, more conversions and ultimately increased profitability, instead of treating SEO rankings as a goal in itself.

There are numerous approaches that constitute a successful SEO campaign, but all come with the intrinsic risk of focusing on the process itself while disregarding the desired end results. SEO is rarely a clear-cut process and it is easy for clients to be misled by buzzwords, fads and nonsensical metrics that do not translate into profits.

One of the main goals of SEO is to improve search engine result page rankings for the client. However, improved SERP rankings are not always synonymous to successful SEO. For improved rankings to be considered useful, the increase in ranking must also be followed by a proportionate increase in traffic from search engines.

Furthermore, traffic, often hailed as the ultimate metric, is not by itself a clear-cut indicator for successful SEO. Traffic alone is useless if it does not yield increased conversions (calls or emails) and which translate into increased leads and revenue. Irrelevant traffic can even be a burden to businesses and non-converting traffic reduces ROI and the long-term competitiveness of any company.

Experts at Jumpfactor firmly believe that the ultimate indicator for SEO success must always be an increase in conversions; clients who buy SEO services should always keep that in mind. Even when prices seem similar, SEO services can vary wildly in terms of effectiveness. For that reason, the risks of investing in a fruitless SEO campaign cannot be stressed enough. Buyers are warned to focus on results and ask vendors how they track and ensure true ROI is generated for their clients.

Jumpfactor offers in depth professional SEO programs which cover all aspects of lead generation from start to finish. The agency takes a full service approach which covers everything from initial strategy and research to select the appropriate revenue generating keywords, to implementation, and finally to adjustment and conversion optimization to ensure that the rankings and traffic are in fact translating into actual leads and inquiries for the client. This level of accountability ensures that clients receive proper ROI.

You can visit Jumpfactor’s website and have a specialist contact you for a free consultation or call 855-529-JUMP(5867).    For further details on the professional SEO services offered by Jumpfactor visit this page.

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Jumpfactor is an award winning full service Inbound Marketing Agency specialized in Professional Services Marketing for Service and Technology firms. The agency's services include branding, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing automation services. Jumpfactor has physical offices in Canada, and the USA. The agency has won awards for best in class Enterprise SEO and Marketing Automation.

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