The Key Account Management Group (KAM) makes it easier to win high value sales using dedicated Key Account Planning software

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The Key Account Management Group (KAM), a leading global firm focusing on strategic customer business growth, has added DealGPs - software that proactively enhances the performance of sales people - to its portfolio of high impact low cost selling skills development programmes. This innovative and powerful approach to sales skills development will help professional sales people of all levels to improve their performance.

David Hunt - author of Forty-five and gaga!

David Hunt, Founder & Principal Partner at Interimco

At first I was very sceptical about a sales tool that provides me with advice and generates questions. But, after using DealGPS I’m a big fan.

The Key Account Management Group (KAM) has addressed one of the key issues facing businesses today. In the modern world of business an increasing percentage of total company turnover and subsequent profit is dependent on a very small number of individuals – its sales people and key account managers. This is a heavy burden to place on a small group of individuals during high-growth periods. In tough economic climates when so much is at stake; jobs, factories, and the very on-going existence of the business perhaps, it is critical that individuals with so much responsibility are given the right tools and support to do the best job for their companies.

They need to have a deep understanding of the customer’s business and need to be actively involved in the buying process in order the manage the complex selling process with success. Collecting, processing and administrating all sales information and collaborating with the internal organization are extremely time-consuming.

In addition, we all know that Sales professionals’ DNA does not lend itself to administrative duties. They feel that the tools are too techie, provide too much control to management, introduce too much burden to bear and last but not least, they feel it doesn't help them to win deals or help them to enjoy the job they like the most to do.

A great many studies have been conducted in recent years which show that the traditional event-based classroom training approach is not effective. Quite simply people just can’t take in all that learning in such a short time and it is tough for the delegates to apply the new ideas to the real world when they are sitting in a classroom.

Many businesses have turned to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to help, but these are primarily repositories of data about existing and prospective customers. Too often the CRM application does not integrate the process sales people follow and it does little to be of proactive help to the salesperson.

So how can sales people and key account managers develop the skills they need and improve their sales win / loss conversion ratio?

The solution is now available via the powerful teaming up of The Key Account Management Group (KAM) and DealGPS.

KAM has developed an innovative approach to sales and account management skills development that change and improve sales performance not just in the immediate aftermath of the training, but over the long term too. Its approach incorporates a powerful combination of reading material, on-line videos and short tutorials delivered over several weeks, not condensed ineffectively into 2 or 3 days. It provides a comprehensive roadmap of learning and development activities from the fundamental skills all sales people need, through to key account growth planning and on to more advanced high value partnership development.

The DealGPS software is designed to proactively support sales professionals to win more deals, help sales managers to coach their team to peak performance and provide Executive Directors with accurate and real-time pipeline information to steer their company in the right direction. DealGPS goes beyond traditional ineffective training events and give a boost to failing CRM investments.

According to Mick Homoet, Co-Founder and Director Business Development of DealGPS, “Unlike CRM or Sales Force Automation systems, DealGPS proactively answers 3 critical questions every sales professional should answer every day; what is the realistic chance of closing the deal, which questions should be asked to uncover the real needs of the customer and move the deal forward and what actions need to be taken to win the deal.”

With its clever Win Assessment Checklist, frontline sales executives will quickly identify if there is a real chance to win the deal. Moreover, the unique knowledge-based Win Improvement Engine provides sound insights on what to do next to move the deal forward. The smart Sales Call and Meeting planner helps the sales person to be well prepared for the meeting. It also includes a comprehensive and proven questions database with compelling questions to use during each sales call. Last but not least, who loves to do sales call reporting? After the sales call, the salesperson can easily access the simple and smart Sales Call Report App to simplify the administration of the call in just a few minutes. Their opportunity plan will automatically be updated.

One DealGPS customer commented, “At first I was very sceptical about a sales tool that provides me with advice and generates questions. But, after using DealGPS I’m a big fan. DealGPS delivers what it promises; higher win rates, short sales cycles, is extremely user friendly and easy to use.”

This powerful tool integrates with and reinforces the KAM skills development programme. In addition, DealGPS tracks performance gaps and provides sales managers with meaningful insights to coach their people to peak performance.

“The skills development approach delivered by KAM delivers a more productive and more effective approach than traditional class-room training, as it is delivered in bite-size pieces over a number of months,” said David Hunt from Interimco, an Authorised Delivery Partner for KAM. “The inclusion of the DealGPS software truly makes the KAM sales skills development programme the most effective programme available.”

About The Key Account Management Group (KAM)

The Key Account Management Group is a global membership organisation for managers at all levels to share key and strategic account experience, knowledge and learning.

They synthesise best practice learning into video based skills development modules to provide an online support resource.

Their high impact low cost sales and Key Account Management programmes are delivered via local authorised and highly experienced delivery partners, such as Interimco.

About ArdensSoft / DealGPS

ArdensSoft is a B2B software company that designs and develops professional sales tools and provides professional services strictly for sales professionals. Its key offering, DealGPS is an innovative knowledge-based and adaptive intelligent sales performance support platform that provides sales professionals with actionable insights at the moment of need to help them win business.

ArdensSoft prides itself on developing not the just state of the art and robust cloud software, but delivers relevant, practical and user friendly sales tools and services to satisfy sales professionals. ArdensSoft has a small core team that practices agile and collaborative development approach, with the sales professional in the driver’s seat. We have a solid network of leading software professionals, user interface designers, social, mobile & web technology savvy engineers and seasoned sales professionals. This gives us the ability to move fast and allocate the best professional to a particular challenge.

All with one goal in mind: provide solutions strictly for sales professionals.

About Interimco

Interimco, founded in 1998, provides independent transformation and transition leadership to businesses of all sizes. Interimco specialises in sales and marketing performance improvement, is an authorised delivery partner for The Key Account Management Group and the lead contact for KAM relating to DealGPS.

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