The Canoun Face Lift from Dr. K Cary Canoun Still Sees Results Years Later

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Dr. K Cary Canoun’s new style of facelift, The Canoun Lift (, sees excellent results long-term, while many styles of facelifts see a decline in results, after several years. Dr. Canoun speaks on the uniqueness of the The Canoun Lift, in light of the recent Lifestyle Lift news, reported by the Wall Street Journal.

K Cary Canoun, MD, FACS

With an experienced doctor, a proper out-patient surgical center, and board certified anesthesiologist; you give your patients a safe environment, while giving them long-lasting results.

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According to a recent Wall Street Journal article on March 2nd, “Lifestyle Lift, a nationwide chain of cosmetic surgery centers, abruptly shut down the majority of its business Monday and said it is considering filing for bankruptcy. In light of this recent news, Dr. Canoun speaks out about going to the right place and using the right surgeon. He said, 'It is important to have a credentialed plastic surgeon perform procedures. With an experienced doctor, a proper out-patient surgical center, and board certified anesthesiologist; you give your patients a safe environment, while giving them long-lasting results. The Lifestyle Lift centers were of concern, as doctors were doing these facelift procedures on a large scale in their offices with the surgeon giving the sedation. The surgeon is often not a board certified plastic surgeon and you often don’t meet your surgeon until the day of surgery.'”

In 2012, K. Cary Canoun, MD, FACS, began offering the Canoun Lift, which combines the best of both the short scar lift and the more traditional facelift. This is Dr. Canoun’s unique lift that he developed and is only used by him. “I developed this a few years ago and now, as it has been several years, we have gone back to see that many of our patients are still seeing these fantastic results. Many cosmetic procedures like laser and fat grafting often have good early results, which is due to swelling.  My facelift technique gives excellent long term results, long after the swelling has gone away,” said Dr. Canoun.

The Canoun Lift benefits a variety of people and ages, particularly those who have lost skin elasticity and muscle tone in their face and neck, or perhaps, have jowls and deep lines at the corner of their mouths that bother them. While many plastic surgical procedures are performed at a doctor’s office, with the doctor administering the sedation, the Canoun Lift is performed on an outpatient basis with a board-certified anesthesiologist with extensive experience in this procedure, administering the sedation.

The Canoun lift is less invasive and leaves a shorter scar. Using sutures, the sagging tissue of the neck and face are re-positioned back up in the deep tissue. This puts the deep tissue back in their original position. The excess skin is also removed, producing a more rested, natural youthful appearance.

A testimonial from patient, KK said, “Dr. Canoun not only has mind-blowing credentials as an experienced Board certified plastic surgeon but is one of the gentlest and kindest surgeons I’ve ever known. He’s also big on philanthropy and doesn’t hesitate to get involved to help those in need. This is definitely THE “go-to” guy for any plastic surgery procedure.” Dr. Canoun’s website offers many before and after pictures.

Dr. Canoun’s plastic surgery offices are located in San Francisco, Brentwood and Walnut Creek, California. Please visit Dr. Canoun’s Contact Us Page for addresses and phone numbers relating to each office or call 415-441-0888 with any questions.

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Dr. Canoun is a double-board certified plastic surgeon. He personally takes care of his patients from the first consultation to the last post-operative visit.

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