Continuing Education and Ongoing Professional Development Help Physicians at Lake Meridian Chiropractic Apply the Latest Clinical Advances in Low Level Laser Therapy and Atlas Orthogonal Technique

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Physicians from Lake Meridian Chiropractic in Kent, WA participate in advanced-level seminars throughout the months of September and October to learn about the most recent developments in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AO). The physicians' goal is to translate these clinical advances into personalized approaches they can use to help their patients get better faster.

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I always walk away with one 'ah-ha' moment that is going to help me be a better doctor when it comes to treating those challenging cases

Dr. Danene Saggau, a chiropractor who has been working with patients in Kent, WA for over 23 years, recognizes that continuing education and professional development are the “not-so-secret-ingredients” for sustainable success. As a key member of the Lake Meridian Chiropractic (LMC) team, Dr. Saggau feels that it’s important for every healthcare provider in the practice to be aware of new technologies and techniques that can improve the quality of care. She also believes that members of the practice’s administrative staff should always be on the lookout for best practices that could improve patients’ overall experience and streamline the practice’s own operations. For physicians and staff alike, this means taking time away from day-to-day activities to be exposed to new ideas from outside the clinic.

Recently, Dr. Aaron Placke—another member of the LMC team—attended a conference entitled, "Scientific Approach to Low Level Laser Therapy," that was presented by Dr. George Gedevanishvili, who has both medical and business degrees. This conference's purpose was to provide doctors with scientific, unbiased information regarding LLLT. Topics included the clinical application and efficacy of LLLT based on independent research papers published in prestigious scientific journals. There are over 6,000 published papers on LLLT.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) provides an exciting opportunity to help doctors stimulate the body's own healing in their patients. Dr. Gedevanishvili wrote in an article in The American Chiropractor magazine that, "Laser therapy has minimal contraindications and virtually no side effects, which makes it the treatment of choice for rapid, non-invasive pain and inflammation relief." Dr. Placke's biggest takeaway from the Renton, WA conference on LLLT centered on potential benefits to his patients. “The best part of the conference,” he said, “was learning some specific procedural changes to the application of the laser therapy so we get better and faster outcomes for the patient—especially those with a disc bulge.”

Later this month, Dr. Saggau will attend a seminar on Advanced Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AO), to be held in Seattle, WA. She has long felt strongly motivated to attend seminars like this one throughout her professional career. “Even though I've been doing this for nearly 25 years,” she said, “I always walk away with one 'ah-ha' moment that is going to help me be a better doctor when it comes to treating those challenging cases. I firmly believe there is an answer to everyone's problem and a way to relieve everyone's pain; we just have to look hard enough to find it.” Dr. Roy Sweat, who will be presenting at the seminar, is the developer of the atlas orthogonal program, which uses a percussion wave to re-position the atlas vertebra. Dr. Sweat is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities in the world on the cervical spine.

LMC office management and administrative staff also participate in training- and education-oriented events designed to help them bring new ideas into the practice. Dr. Saggau said, “We see a lot of value in making professional development opportunities available to everyone on our team, whatever their role happens to be. The staff has attended outside conferences and we've also brought trainers in-house so that the team wouldn't have to travel.”

Whether it's the latest clinical procedures and technologies or best practices in business management, Lake Meridian Chiropractic is always looking for new ways to improve the quality of care as well as the patient experience.

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