Ketamine Infusion Therapy Now Available in Carlsbad New Mexico

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Klarisana has opened its first New Mexico center in Carlsbad. Now, residents of southeast New Mexico have access to ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, alcohol abuse, and chronic pain.

Klarisana has brought its cutting edge ketamine therapy to Carlsbad, New Mexico

One of the country’s most respected ketamine infusion providers, has just opened a new center in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Klarisana, which is well known to residents of central Texas with its established ketamine infusion centers in Austin and San Antonio, has now crossed its western border to offer ketamine therapy to patients in southeast New Mexico. This marks the first center that Klarisana has opened outside of Texas. Gerson Barahona, Klarisana’s Operations Director, marked the event by saying, “we have worked very hard over the last several years to perfect the process of administering ketamine for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and various forms of chronic pain. We have a great process which allows us to provide an effective and evidence-based treatment program. We are thrilled to bring this paradigm-changing treatment to the Carlsbad and Roswell, New Mexico areas.

Klarisana’s Clinical Director in Carlsbad is Shannon Roper, a lifelong resident of Carlsbad and an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner. Roper operates her own practice, Roper’s Health Oasis which is a key fixture of the healthcare community in Carlsbad. Klarisana will be operating as an independent practice out of Roper’s clinic. Roper said, “I am really happy to join the Klarisana family. For the last several years, I have been closely following the research regarding what ketamine can do for mental health conditions and chronic pain. There is a definite need for this in our area and I wanted to partner with an organization that is ‘doing it right.’ Klarisana has really demonstrated that they are the ‘thought leaders’ when it comes to ketamine. Ketamine has been around for over forty years but its use in the outpatient setting is relatively new. What really drew me to Klarisana is that they are very open about what their treatment protocols are and base them on the best medical evidence. Some other ketamine centers tout that they have trademarked formulations and ‘proprietary blends’ of ketamine. These centers quote the positive results of internal ‘research’ that supports their protocols but won’t actually show you the evidence. That model just doesn’t feel right. Klarisana is a very straight-shooting organization that doesn’t engage in marketing gimmicks and ‘smoke and mirrors’ kind of self-promotion.”

Klarisana opened its first center in San Antonio back in 2015. The company later expanded to have a very busy center in Austin, Texas as well. Klarisana’s founder and Medical Director, Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, MD says, “ketamine represents a very disruptive technology when it comes to the treatment of mental health conditions and chronic pain. Many patients with chronic pain are locked into a destructive feedback loop called ‘central sensitization’ where pain leads to more pain which leads to more pain etc. Ketamine blocks the NMDA receptor which is at the heart of this process. The elegant thing about ketamine is that it works through a totally separate process than opioid pain medications. Given the huge crisis in opioid overuse and addiction in the United States, a game-changing therapy like ketamine has huge public health implications.”

Bonnett adds, “when it comes to the treatment of depression and other mental health conditions, ketamine has also shown the potential to be a real “game changing” therapy ever since the first study came out in 2000 showing that it can break the cycle of treatment-resistant depression in over 70% of patients. There are two distinctly different schools of thought regarding how ketamine works to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Some clinicians believe that ketamine only works through biochemical pathways and that the alterations in perception and the ‘psychedelic’ qualities of ketamine infusion therapy are ‘side effects’ that need to be eliminated. At Klarisana we believe the exact opposite. The alterations in perception can produce a powerful ‘transpersonal’ experience that...far from being a side a critical element of how ketamine works. We create a customized dosing strategy for every patient and adjust the dosing in a dynamic fashion. We escalate our doses until we find the dose which creates the optimum transpersonal experience which we call the Psychotropic Therapeutic Response or ‘PTR.” This dose is unique for each patient. It takes some work to achieve but we have found that this is critical for success. A ‘cookie cutter’ dosing strategy is just not as effective.”

Patients and clinicians in the Carlsbad and Roswell, New Mexico area who want to learn more about Klarisana and what ketamine infusion therapy can do, are encouraged to visit Klarisana’s website at or call the main number at 210-556-1430.

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