Two Fathers’ Dream Comes True: "Kidz English" by Kidz Innovative Technology is the App That Connects Parents and Children

Kidz Innovative Technology Co. Ltd. releases its latest update of IOS app Kidz English for children from the age of 2 to 6. Kidz English is a fun and practical English learning app that brings joy to both children and parents around the globe.

(PRWEB) April 29, 2014

Available free on App Store now, Kidz English is an English learning app (for iPad) for children from the age of 2 to 6. The app features a DIY interface, in which parents can create learning materials and customize learning packages that best suit their children’s interest and learning patterns.

Out from the frustration of searching the perfect app for their children, two fathers (founders of Kidz Innovative Technology) from two families come together and spawn magic, creating something incredibly fun and practical; helping their kids to learn the English alphabet miraculously enjoyable and with ease. “Breaking the boundary of traditional learning apps, we are proud to present an English learning app that can teach your children whatever word that comes up in your mind, and are able to share the accomplishment with friends and families,” said the founders. “Our dream comes true”.

“I decide what I want to teach my kid, and Kidz English lets me do that,” stated local parents. “It’s fun to create my own learning pack for my son, and now I’ve something to brag about”.

Developed with the renowned PREP learning methodology by Kidz Innovative Technology Co. Ltd., Kidz English provides a DIY interface that lets parents create words, recording the pronunciation with their own voice and associate the words with their favorite photos, which are interesting to their children, and create learning packages that best suit their children’s learning patterns. With the anchored "learn with your kids" philosophy, the executives from Kidz Innovative Technology believe that parent’s proactive involvement in their children’s learning process could not only enhance the learning experience but also strengthen the parent-child relationship, growing love and trust through better communication. Kidz English also lets parents monitor their children’s learning progress and track their performance.

Kidz English is now available for free in the Apple App Store worldwide. It is compatible with iPad and iPad mini with IOS6.0 and above.

Please visit for more Kidz English, including a video of app preview and additional screen shots.

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Kidz English is developed by Kidz Innovative Technology Co. Ltd., a software (web and mobile app) development company founded in 2012.


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