Bed Bug Finds Its Way to Bullock School, My Cleaning Products Suggests a Product to Kill Bed Bugs Right

A bed bug was reportedly found in New Jersey's Bullock School. In order to kill bed bugs without the help of chemicals, My Cleaning Products recommended a proven safe and effective pesticide-exempt spray.

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

A bed bug was caught in New Jersey's Bullock School. A report from the related the incident on October 13, 2013. And stating that more of the critter could infest any other place, My Cleaning Products recommended a pesticide-exempt product to help the public kill bed bugs right.

In the report, the content of the letter sent to the parents to inform them of the situation was shared, My Cleaning Products relayed. It detailed that it was sent last Friday by the school's principal Nami Kuwabara.

As specified in the letter, the bed bug was particularly found in one of the school's classrooms, related MCP. However, it shared that the principal, backed-up by the specialist hired to inspect the area affected, cleared that there was no infestation in the campus.

Nevertheless, it was stated in the same news post that the Buildings and Grounds Department of the school will continue to work identifying the pesky insects, MCP said. Moreover, it added that they would provide inspections and if needed, a treatment by a licensed pest-control expert.

Here's a part of the post Bed Bug Gets into Bullock School by My Cleaning Products.

“A single bed bug is still a bed bug. And if it happened to be carrying eggs, it could start an infestation by itself. That is why when one of those vampire-like critters was found in Bullock School, officials were quick to take steps.

The bug was found in the afternoon of October 11, 2013. Particularly, it was seen in one of the school's classrooms. However, in a letter sent to parents on Friday, the principal, Nami Kuwabara, denied that there was an infestation in the campus. Nevertheless, she said that there may be future sightings of the pests in the building.”

MCP said that because an infestation of bed bugs spreads quickly and that it could be started by just one of those crawlies, the public must always be ready to implement a prompt treatment. However, it specified that just any bed bug spray won't work.

To kill bed bugs quickly but without harming anyone's health, it stated that a person must choose an organic bed bug spray. And as Bed Bug Bully is made with natural ingredients and has already been proven effective by hotels, hospitals and pest-control companies, it asserted that it's the best.

With Bed Bug Bully prepared, My Cleaning Products stated that anyone could implement a prompt elimination of those critters. That, it detailed, could prevent them from multiplying. And consequently, that, it said, could save one from spending too big for a professional bed bug treatment.

To anyone who wants to see the product in action, MCP related that there are samples of it one could test. The Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Samples, it added, are available at


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