Chicago College Faces Mold Problem, My Cleaning Products Asserts Two Organic-Based Mold Sprays Could Help Anyone Kill Mold Quick

A mold contamination was reportedly discovered in a Chicago school. To help anyone with same problem kill mold quick and safe, My Cleaning Products recommended two organic-based mold remediation sprays.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

A mold contamination was discovered in a college in Chicago, said a report from Responding to it, My Cleaning Products recommended two remediation sprays to help everyone dealing with the same problem kill mold fast and safe.

The report was published on February 24, 2014. It shared that it was the Roosevelt College and Career Academy that was particularly troubled by mold. And as it detailed, the presence of it was found out when inspectors implemented testing at the campus earlier this month.

Based on the report, a busted boiler system that froze the pipes and soaked the walls and ceiling tiles was believed to be the cause of the problem. It related that it resulted to the mold infestation in five sections of the school.

Nonetheless, of those sections, the news post relayed that the band and choir rooms were the most-effected with mold spreading in more than 10 square feet of them. Because of it, it added that the band room was closed. However, it stated that work already started to resolve the problem.

Below is an excerpt from the post Mold Discovered in Chicago College by My Cleaning Products.

“Mold has troubled yet another school. This time, it hit Roosevelt College and Career Academy in Gary, Indiana in Chicago.

An inspection earlier this month detected the fungus in five sections of the campus. However, its band and choir rooms were determined as the most-affected with mold spores said to be covering more than 10 square feet of them.”

According to MCP, mold is common in houses. However, it cited that it also could grow anywhere else. And the worse thing about it, it stated, is the fact that it could pose dangers to health.

For that reason, it is imperative to kill mold wherever it is, My Cleaning Products asserted. But to prevent its worst effects, it stressed that one must do it quick.

Of all the mold remediation sprays though, the company said that Molderizer and Safe Shield are the best to get. With them, it said that mold could be eliminated promptly and easily.

Besides that, it stated that the two products also offer a complete mold removal process. And as it explained, that's because Molderizer kills mold whereas Safe Shield seals the surface to prevent the re-infestation of the spores.

Additionally, My Cleaning Products pointed out that the two solutions are safe. It said that they are made with organic ingredients. And so, it stated that the use of them does not release residues that could endanger anyone's health.

To try it, the company invites everyone to visit its website at for the Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples.


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