Officials Move Mold Treatment in Dekalb County School to Summer, My Cleaning Products Shares a Tip How to Kill Mold Quick to Help the Public

The mold remediation in Dekalb County school was rescheduled for summer, said a report. In connection with it, My Cleaning Products recommended two sprays to kill mold quick and safe.

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However, of all the mold sprays, it only recommended the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield. Those two solutions, it stated, are the best choices as they are effective and safe.

(PRWEB) April 02, 2014

The mold remediation in a Dekalb County school in Alabama was set to be implemented in summer. A post from dated March 31, 2014 related the news. In connection with it, My Cleaning Products gave a tip how the public could kill mold quick.

According to the report, the mold problem in Valley Head School was made known to the County Superintendent Hugh Taylor last November. And to completely resolve it, it detailed that it was initially planned to be treated during the spring break.

However, it was said in the report that after a discussion with the maintenance supervisor and other state organizations, Assistant Superintendent Brian Thomas stated that the remediation was moved to summer. He cited that the rescheduling of the treatment will give them more time to fully address the issue.

Until then, the students were transferred to the mold-free areas in the campus, relayed the report. It added that portable classrooms would be brought in as well to prevent overcrowding.

Below is an excerpt from the post Mold Treatment for Dekalb County School Rescheduled by My Cleaning Products.

“A mold contamination has been an issue at Valley Head School in Dekalb County in Alabama for the past few months already. But instead of going with the original plan of treating the school on spring, officials re-scheduled its remediation for summer."

"Hugh Taylor, the DeKalb County Superintendent said he became aware of the mold problem last November. And following that, the students in the classrooms with mold were transferred to unaffected areas of the school.”

My Cleaning Products said mold treatment is essential as mold could bring in various health problems. And because its spores spread quick and its effects get worse as time passes, it cited that the remediation of it must be early.

To do that, MCP stated that one would need to prepare a mold removal spray. With it ready, it cited that a person could kill mold personally as soon as its presence is confirmed. And that, it pointed out, prevents the worst effects and costly mold treatment expense.

However, of all the mold sprays, it only recommended the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield. Those two solutions, it stated, are the best choices as they are effective and safe. It detailed that even in the absence of strong chemical ingredients, numerous hotels, hospitals and mold removal companies have proven that they are efficient.

MCP added that they offer a complete mold remediation as well. And as it explained, that's because while Molderizer kills mold, Safe Shield blocks the return of its spores.

To see them in action, the company invites everyone to try the Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples. It shared that they are available at


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