Mold Relocates William Randolph School Students, My Cleaning Products Recommends Two Sprays to Kill Mold Safe

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Mold presence prompted another transfer for William Randolph School students, a report said. In response to it, My Cleaning Products warned the public of the same problem anywhere else and suggested two products help kill mold right.

With the two products [Molderizer & Safe Shield]...anyone could implement a complete and effective mold remediation process without leaving residues that could harm health and the environment.

Mold was discovered in the modular units where students of William Randolph School held their classes. And according to a report from, it forced them to relocate once again. In response to it, My Cleaning Products recommended two organic sprays to help the public kill mold in a safe and effective way.

As said in the report, published on October 15, 2013, the mold was detected on Tuesday afternoon after an environmental inspection, related My Cleaning Products. And as it detailed, it was particularly found on the HVAC ducting of the facility.

Given that the fungus is a threat to health, based on the report, it was decided that William Randolph School students would be moved out from the modular classrooms on Livingston Street. Temporarily, it relayed that the 17 middle-schoolers and 34 high-schoolers of the alternative school will have their classes at Asheville Middle School and Asheville High respectively. Their transfer, it added, took effect on Thursday.

Below is a part of the post Mold Forces Transfer of Randolph School Students by My Cleaning Products.

“Since last August, classes of middle and high school students of William Randolph School were transferred to modular units on Livingston Street. And now, no thanks to mold, they have to relocate once more.

The 60 plus students of the alternative Randolph School used to attend their classes in Montford. But because of the construction of Isaac Dickson Elementary School, the Montford campus was taken over by 400 Dickinson students. Hence, the transfer to modular classrooms.”

Mold is indeed a danger to health, said My Cleaning Products. And to avoid its worse effects on health and its heavy weight on the wallet, it stressed that one must be ready to kill mold early.

However, more than effective, it cited that the process must also be safe. So, among all the mold removal products one could use in an early DIY mold treatment, it only recommended Molderizer and Safe Shield.

With the two products, it said that anyone could implement a complete and effective mold remediation process without leaving residues that could harm health and the environment. And as it reasoned out, that's because the two solutions are organic-based.

Particularly, without the help of harsh chemicals, it detailed that Molderizer could kill mold spores and block their re-growth by changing their DNA make-up. On the same safe manner, it added that Safe Shield provides an additional layer at the surface that could prevent future infestation by keeping more spores away.

And to prove it themselves that the two products could truly deliver those benefits, MCP urged the public try the samples of them. It shared that anyone could get Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples to test at

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