Professor in New Mexico Busts and Confirms 10 Cockroach Myths; My Cleaning Products Recommends a Pesticide-Exempt Spray to Kill Roaches Sans the Chemicals' Help

NMSU professor busted and confirmed cockroach myths in a news post. Meanwhile, My Cleaning Products recommended a pesticide-exempt spray to kill roaches fast and safe.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Cockroaches are regarded as some of the most horrible and gross pests. However, there are many myths surrounding them. And according to a news post from dated February 18, 2014, a professor in New Mexico busted and confirmed a number of them. Meanwhile, in order to help the public kill roaches safely and effectively, My Cleaning Products recommended a pesticide-exempt cockroach spray.

The report identified the professor as Alvaro Romero of the New Mexico State University. It detailed that he is a professor, particularly, of urban entomology and has been researching the biology, sexuality and behavior of roaches for two years already.

There was a total of ten myths about roaches that Romero addressed in the news post. One of those myths he said is a false belief is that all roaches are pests when there is only 1 percent of them that actually infest homes and buildings, it shared.

On the other hand, one of the myths he confirmed was that roaches transmit diseases, the post related. And as it added, that's because they could be anywhere.

Below is an excerpt from the said news post.

“Romero has been researching the biology, sexuality and behavior of cockroaches for two years, mainly studying the Turkestan cockroach, which is the most prevalent cockroach southern New Mexico.

Urban entomologists, including Coby Schal, Ph.D., considered the main authority in cockroach research, have been able to find interesting facts.”

My Cleaning Products agreed that there are indeed many myths about cockroaches. Nevertheless, it said that it's certain that they could risk people's health. Because of that, it suggested a pesticide-exempt cockroach spray to help the public get rid of them without the danger of harsh chemical ingredients.

Particularly, MCP recommended the use of its organic-based cockroach spray called Roach Bully. It asserted that it is the best product for those bugs as it is both safe and effective. Moreover, it stated that enables a person to promptly implement the elimination of them.

Unlike most pesticides, My Cleaning Products said Roach Bully is odorless. Because of the absence of strong chemicals in its content, it stated that it also leaves no residues harmful to health.

Besides that, the company also assured that the spray is effective. It elaborated that it could kill not just the adult roaches but also their eggs and young.

To try it, MCP invites everyone to visit its website at and get the Roach Bully Complimentary Sample.


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