Cockroaches Pester Fonda-Fultonville School District, My Cleaning Products Offers to Help and Suggests a Pesticide-Exempt Spray to Safely Yet Effectively Kill Roaches

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Roaches were found in Fonda-Fultonville schools, said a report. My Cleaning Products suggested a pesticide-exempt cockroach spray to the public to kill the pests fast and safe.

With that safety and effectiveness that it offers, the company asserted that Roach Bully is the best cockroach spray in the market.

Cockroaches were found in Fonda-Fultonville School District. A report about it was published on on September 17, 2013. In response to it, My Cleaning Products suggested a product to effectively kill roaches without harming anyone's health.

According to the report, the roaches were discovered in a number of schools in the district in late July, shared My Cleaning Products. It detailed that they particularly found in three elementary cafeterias, one teacher's break room and three classrooms, where students usually take their snacks.

Raymond Colucciello, superintendent of Fonda-Fultonville schools, described in the news that the district's problem with the roaches was short of a full-blown infestation, MCP related. Nonetheless, a pest-control company was still called in, it stated.

For the last two weekends, the report said that the company had been spraying the areas affected, MCP relayed. And as it added, it will implement another spray treatment on Saturday. Besides all of it, it shared that the school officials also sent letters to parents asking them to do post-school roach searches.

Below is a part of the post Cockroaches Found in Fond-Fultonville Schools by My Cleaning Products.

“Cockroaches are always pictured to be in houses, restaurants and other food-related establishments. But they could actually be anywhere as long the place offers them warmth, moisture, food and darkness.

Because such place could also be found in schools, cockroaches could also infest campuses. And based on a recent report, that's what almost happened to Fonda-Fultonville schools.”

There are various types of illnesses associated with the presence of cockroaches. And so, they must be cleared, My Cleaning Products said.

However, to kill roaches in houses and other places with a professional's help is expensive. Given that, MCP said that if a person is sure he could handle the work himself, it is better to do a DIY roach elimination instead.

Nonetheless, it only recommended Roach Bully for the treatment. It said that the product is made with organic ingredients. And because of the absence of harsh chemicals in its content, it explained that it leaves no foul odor or harmful residue when sprayed.

With that safety and effectiveness that it offers, the company asserted that Roach Bully is the best cockroach spray in the market. So, it urged everyone to pick it over all the others. And as it detailed, it is currently available at

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