Kilmann Diagnostics Announces the Release of Its Expanding Consciousness Course

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Kilmann Diagnostics, an e-learning company that specializes in online courses for conflict management and change management, just released its eighth recorded course: Expanding Consciousness in People and Organizations.

Expanding Consciousness Online Course

Expanding Consciousness Online Course

The Expanding Consciousness Course explains the exciting next revolution in human resource management, organizational development, and organizational effectiveness.

Kilmann Diagnostics (KD), the exclusive provider of online training for the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), just released a brand-new online course: Expanding Consciousness in People and Organizations. This recorded course provides a practical understanding of the process for expanding the mind/body/spirit consciousness of all organizational members and then bringing that expanded consciousness into the workplace.

For decades, organizations have been spending billions of dollars on all sorts of training and development programs to enhance the utilization of their human resources. So often, the focus is on improving the “soft skills”: those behavioral skills and capabilities that are rarely taught in high schools, colleges, and universities. Kilmann Diagnostics has now greatly expanded what is meant by the “soft skills” (sometimes called: emotional intelligence) by suggesting that the key deficiency in our educational system is that little or no attention is devoted to expanding people’s self-aware consciousness. Based on Dr. Kilmann's 2013 book, The Courageous Mosaic: Awakening Society, Systems, and Souls, self-aware consciousness includes these three aspects:

1. Mind consciousness: recognizing that each person in society has been dutifully taught to live a conditioned, habitual life—but, once aware, a person can then choose to break those unconscious patterns of automatic, reactive behavior.

2. Body consciousness: realizing that what’s stuck in a person's mind is also stuck in his body, as tension patterns, aches and pains, and a compromised central nervous system—but, once aware, a person can then engage in activities to release that congested energy and thus rejuvenate his focus in life.

3. Spirit consciousness: knowing that every person has potential access to innate wisdom and universal knowledge that’s far beyond her own mind and body—far beyond what’s contained in her "skin-encapsulated ego," so she can contribute so much more to her organizations.

In this six-hour recorded course, Dr. Kilmann first reviews the major revolutions in our universe, starting with the initial Big Bang, proceeding to the recent Information Age, and then suggests we are at the dawn of the new Consciousness Revolution. Since the pace of revolutions, inventions, and innovations is rapidly accelerating, the only way that organizations can achieve long-term success is by expanding the self-aware consciousness of their members.

Dr. Kilmann then discusses the sequence of stages of human consciousness, which profoundly affect how every complex problem or challenging conflict is addressed. In the lowest stages of consciousness, people remain stuck in fear and anger. But in the highest stages of consciousness, people radiate joy and compassion.

Next, he explains how the members must not only actively participate in mind/body/spirit modalities to expand their self-aware consciousness, but they must also resolve their four foundational (inner) conflicts, so they can further propel the new Consciousness Revolution—rather than be left behind. These inner conflicts produce striking polarities that split a person's body, ego, soul, relationships, and surrounding systems into fragmented pieces and parts. Conveniently, expanding consciousness is all about healing and becoming whole.

Dr. Kilmann then shows how each of the four inner conflicts can be successfully addressed on the TKI Conflict Model, which reveals five different choices, and consequences, for applying one conflict mode instead of another. By resolving their inner conflicts, members will become much more effective at resolving their organization’s challenging conflicts and complex problems—based on a solid foundation of expanded mind/body/spirit consciousness.

Simply put: The Expanding Consciousness Course explains the exciting next revolution in human resource management, organizational development, change management, corporate leadership, and organizational effectiveness. If people are indeed an organization’s “most valuable asset,” as is often proclaimed, then it would seem that expanding members’ mind/body/spirit consciousness will bring more of their capabilities into the organization—including their full array of skills, wisdom, knowledge, and commitment for long-term organizational success.


Since 2009, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics is to resolve conflict throughout the world by providing leading-edge online courses with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and other assessment tools. KD is the exclusive provider of online training for the TKI—worldwide. Visit: Kilmann Diagnostics.

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