HomeThangs.com Has Introduced a Guide to Designer Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

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Stainless steel kitchen sinks may have started out as a budget alternative, but in recent years they’ve moved to the forefront of kitchen design for their beauty and durability. HomeThangs.com has introduced a guide to using them to get a sleek, modern look.

Vigo VGR3219C - 32-inch undermount stainless steel 16 gauge kitchen sink

Vigo VGR3219C - 32-inch undermount stainless steel 16 gauge kitchen sink

Stainless steel apron sinks blend the utility of an old fashioned farm house with the sleek finish of modern style and just a hint of the professional kitchen.

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Stainless steel kitchen sinks have long been considered a bargain option – a less expensive, highly durable, and relatively utilitarian choice, but not always a very desirable one. But in recent years a stainless steel finish has started to become more popular in the kitchen – especially in appliances – as well as in modern design as a whole. The result has been a shift in the style of stainless steel kitchen sinks from basic to beautiful, and HomeThangs.com has released an introduction to these new, more desirable stainless steel sinks.

It used to be that stainless steel sinks came in the most utilitarian of styles: the drop-in sink. This made them ideal for easy installation and easy replacement, but didn’t do a whole lot to enhance the look and feel of the kitchens they were in. This is actually one of the biggest changes stainless steel sinks have seen in recent years. Now, they’re much more widely available in undermount and even apron style sinks. This allows for a more finished, polished appearance that showcases the beauty of stainless steel rather than merely enduring it for the sake of utility.

Stainless steel apron sinks blend the utility of an old fashioned farm house with the sleek finish of modern style and just a hint of the professional kitchen. The simple brushed steel apron places the metal front and center to perfectly coordinate with a set of stainless steel appliances, or just to provide that slightly industrial metal touch to a modern decor. Like those used in professional kitchens, large, single basin sinks provide for high capacity use and are great for heavily trafficked kitchens.

Undermount stainless steel sinks have gained new attention for their simple, sleek finish. Because they’re no longer strictly rectangular, stainless steel kitchen sinks have made huge strides in style. Their curved, offset bowls help diminish that slightly industrial look, making the heavy duty material a more organic part of an average kitchen. For those with a slightly more modern aesthetic, stainless steel sinks have even begun to be used as integrated sinks – that is, built in to a single, stainless steel counter top. This look is much more dramatic and modern, but offers a unique, chic option for those with a more contemporary sense of style.

Stainless steel sinks have always been desirable for their durability. Unlike cast iron sinks which can chip, crack, or erode, stainless steel holds up to a wide variety of use and abuse. It’s non-reactive to most household acids, it’s resistant to heat and cold, and any scratches or scuffs from routine use simply develop into a patina that’s a beautiful, natural part of the sink. But while in the past these sinks were often used as a safeguard against the unknown (in apartments and rentals especially), they can actually be a dream come true for any kitchen because they’re easy to clean and not nearly as fussy to care for as many other commonly used materials.

Perhaps the biggest complaint and one of the few drawbacks to having a stainless steel kitchen sink is that they can be a little noisy. Silverware dropped into a stainless steel sink is going to sound a little louder than it would in a ceramic or composite stone sink, and historically many stainless steel sinks would ping, tick, or make other small but irritating noises when the metal was heated or cooled too rapidly, like when boiling pasta water is drained into the sink. But the noisiness of steel is actually easily preventable, or at least very easy to reduce. The thicker the steel (or the lower the gauge, which shouldn’t be higher than 18, and should be closer to 16) the quieter it is, because it’s less likely to flex and bend when heated. If noise is a major concern, keep an eye out for sinks that come with sound dampening padding, which can further help reduce the noise problem.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are also at the forefront of the shift toward designer or “gourmet” kitchen sinks. These are sinks that are designed to be a little wider than average, with a prep area built directly into the surface of the sink. These can be single, double, or triple bowl sinks, but afford an easy to clean surface that drains simply and directly into the sink, without any danger of dripping, splashing, or spilling – perfect for dealing with juicy fruits or vegetables or can even act as a more contained space to prepare meat or fish. Many of these gourmet sinks come with other accessories as well, like built in shelves, strainers or sink grids, and even colanders or cutting boards that sit firmly on the lip of the sink, effectively turning the sink into a fully functioning prep area and significantly reducing clutter and the need for extra counter space, especially in a smaller kitchen.

For more about stainless steel kitchen sinks, read the full article here.

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