Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery Is in Focus of People Needs and Dr. Allen’s Device Provides Natural Knee Pain Relief, Highlights Fine Treatment

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According to recent articles, people are looking for a non-invasive treatment for painful knee, moreover, knee arthroscopy surgery for osteoarthritis should be avoided as an ineffective operation. At the same time, newly designed Dr. Allen’s Device for Knee Treatment is a useful natural alternative solution to different invasive procedures, states Fine Treatment.

Dr Allen's device for knee treatment is effective and natural

Knee treatment invented by Dr. Simon Allen provides effective and natural pain relief

The alternative treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device relieves knee pain without medications and is side effects free and, moreover, with the price of $155 is a cost-effective solution.

People have to be aware about a natural therapy with Dr. Allen's Device for Knee Treatment, which can help them to avoid complications from the current invasive treatment options. Bracing or physiotherapy techniques are discussed widely as non invasive solutions for knee pain relief, while the article ‘Four Surgeries to Avoid If Possible’ includes knee arthroscopy surgery for osteoarthritis in a list of operations that should be avoided if it is possible, Fine Treatment reveals.

According to the article Four Surgeries to Avoid If Possible, in the Guardian Liberty Voice, dated July 19, 2014, with knee arthroscopy operation, a doctor puts a small camera inside the knee, and then inserts tiny instruments through various other slits in order to patch up aging or ripped cartilage. In a study performed back in 2008, nearly 180 patients who suffered from osteoarthritis were placed in one of two groups and received either physical and medical therapy without any surgery or got therapy and surgery combined. When the two groups were examined two years later, it was discovered they had almost identical outcome.

Another article ‘Explore alternatives before opting for joint replacement surgery,’ in the Chicago Tribune, dated June 18, 2014, warns ‘before you embark on surgery, there are other, less invasive therapies to try. Joint replacement surgery is a big step, and it carries risks like infection, nerve injury, and loosening of the implant. It can take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks to fully recover from a joint replacement. If you don't have someone to help you during that time, you may need to go to a rehabilitation facility.'

It is popular to use bandages to get pain relief, for instance, the article ‘Knee bracing: support and relief for knee pain,’ dated July 2, 2014, from Canada, states, Bracing for a number of conditions can reduce pain and is used successfully to treat conditions like Patellofemoral Syndrome, recurring ankle sprains, knee osteoarthritis and other knee and lower limb conditions, allowing wearers to get back to their busy, active life.

"Uncertain outcomes of a knee surgery can possibly cause harm in the long run,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “The alternative treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device relieves knee pain without medications and is side effects free and, moreover, with the price of $155 is a cost-effective solution.”

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About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:
Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Academician, member of the ATA, is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, stroke, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders. Fine Treatment ensures international availability of Dr. Allen’s Devices for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH, coronary heart disease, for dissolving kidney stones, for a powerful relief of upper and lower back pain and sciatica, as well as for natural brain function support.

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