Albuquerque Knee Specialist James Lubowitz MD Releases an Educational Four Part Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Video

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James Lubowitz MD breaks down the four basic components of knee arthroscopy in his newly released arthroscopic knee surgery video.

Albuquerque Knee Specialist James Lubowitz MD

Albuquerque knee specialist Dr. James Lubowitz provides educational resources for patients researching injuries and treatments related to the knee. As both a practicing orthopedic specialist and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Dr. Lubowitz emphasizes the importance of growth through research. In a recently published four part arthroscopic knee surgery video, Dr. Lubowitz discusses the basics of knee arthroscopy.

Knee arthroscopy is a common orthopedic procedure that involves viewing the knee joint through a small camera rather than the traditional method of knee surgery that required a large surgical incision. This minimally invasive surgery has significantly increased the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical knee treatment. In his arthroscopic knee surgery video series, Dr. Lubowitz demonstrates knee positioning, portal placement, internal and external anatomy of the knee, and injury analysis.

In part one, Dr. Lubowitz shows the proper knee positioning prior to knee arthroscopy. By securing the injured leg in the circumferential leg holder, excessive internal and external rotation during surgery is eliminated. The exact knee injury determines the medial or lateral leg placement throughout the procedure.

The second arthroscopic knee surgery video explains the surface anatomy of the knee. Once the anatomy is established, Dr. Lubowitz demonstrates the portal placement. By making a 4 mm incision at the anterior medial, anterior lateral (and for some surgeons at the superior medial side of the knee) each incision serves as a portal for the arthroscopic instruments. The exact placements of these portals enhance the camera view and allow surgeons to effectively treat the injured knee.

Arthroscopic knee surgery video part three examines the internal anatomy of the knee through the arthroscopic camera. Prior to an arthroscopic repair it is important to assess all aspects of the knee to ensure that there are no additional injured areas. In evaluating the knee joint, it is very important to properly maneuver the cannula (arthroscopic instrument) internally to prevent tearing or injuring any healthy aspects of the knee.

In the last arthroscopic knee surgery video, Dr. Lubowitz arthroscopically evaluates a knee injury and demonstrates two repairs - a chondroplasty and menisectomy. Prior to the demonstration of each repair, Dr. Lubowitz evaluates the anterior cruciate ligament to insure that there has not been any tearing or scarring to the posterior cruciate ligament. Successful surgical outcomes are dependent on an orthopedic surgeon’s skill and familiarity with the use of arthroscopic instruments.

Knee arthroscopy has become common treatment technique for knee injuries. When executed properly, knee arthroscopy can lead to a quicker recovery time and less scarring for most patients. For more information on injures and treatments related to the knee please visit Dr. Lubowitz’ site:

About Dr. Lubowitz

Albuquerque knee specialist Dr. James Lubowitz is a leading orthopedic surgeon in knee arthroscopy. Practicing in Santa Fe and Tao Dr. Lubowitz serves the greater Albuquerque area. Prolific in completing research on injury analysis and innovative treatment techniques, Dr. Lubowitz has helped developed minimally invasive reconstruction techniques. At the 2013 Annual Meeting for the Arthroscopy Association of North America Dr. Lubowitz presented his research findings on a less invasive ACL reconstruction technique. This innovative reconstruction technique resulted in equivalent knee stability with evidence-based less pain then other common techniques used today.

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