Connect the Dots, Say the Authors of a Newly Re-Issued Report: "From Know-Nothings to KKK to Tanton to Trump."

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In "From Know-Nothings to KKK to Tanton to Trump," Rick Swartz and Jocelyn McCalla claim specific groups fuel what they believe to be Donald Trump's un-American and demagogic immigration proposals and rhetoric.

Re-Issued Report exposes the groups that fuel Donald Trump’s un-American and demagogic immigration proposals and rhetoric.

The authors of a newly re-issued report claim that many Americans wonder at Donald Trump's meteoric and improbable rise to the top. They need wonder no more, they say. In a newly re-released report, "From Know-Nothings to KKK to Tanton to Trump,” Rick Swartz and Jocelyn McCalla expose the groups they say fuel Donald Trump’s un-American and demagogic immigration proposals and rhetoric.

According to the authors of the report, Mr. Trump's call for rounding up and deporting all the undocumented immigrants in the USA, building a wall the length of the Southern border and closing the doors to Muslim visitors, immigrants and refugees derive almost verbatim from the policies long advanced by groups such as:

1.    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR);
2.    The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
3.    Numbers USA and others like them.

Virtually all of these groups originated with Dr. John Tanton, “father of the population-control wing of the modern anti-immigration movement,” according to Human Life Review. Mr. Tanton is the author of "The case for Eugenics." Eugenics is the philosophy that considers the elimination of those deemed physically, mentally or morally undesirable to be a good thing. Accordingly the Tanton Network of groups have since their foundation consistently opposed and undermined reasonable attempts to reform immigration policy.

"In this context," says Rick Swartz, "they rely on elected officials such as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a staunch anti-immigration hardliner who proudly takes credit for Trump’s immigration proposals. Sessions has long been associated with the Tanton Network. This past January, a trusted aide, Stephen Miller, joined the Trump Campaign as Senior advisor. Other supporters include Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Pat Buchanan, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin and several other current and former government officials. Internationally, Trump’s rise is welcomed by groups such as Marie Lepen’s National Front in France, and other aggressively anti-immigrant political parties and movements in Europe."

"Trump has essentially captured the GOP nomination and is very close to transforming the Republican Party in his own image," adds Mr. Swartz. "Unfortunately, many who denounced his histrionics on the campaign trail are now falling behind his bid for the presidency. Still, opposition to Trumpism within the party of Lincoln and Reagan is palpable."

Will Trump capture the presidency of the United States. It’s too early to tell, say the authors of the report. "What is certain however is that the Republican party will not be the same. Should Republicans suffer a rout in the general elections, it’s very likely that Trump and his cohort of supporters and enablers will maintain efforts to hijack American politics in the next several years, perhaps as part of a third party effort a la France’s National Front. Should Trump win the presidency, America should brace itself for a wild ride and a dangerous world."

Trumpism has brought the fight for the soul of America to our doorsteps. Let’s join the battle, say the authors of the report.

"From Know-Nothings to KKK to Tanton to Trump" concludes with a call to action: "We believe that it’s in the best interest of the country and all Americans of good will to step up efforts to expose the nativist groups’ influence on policy formation, on the media, on the political process and on the government. Sunshine is, after all, the best disinfectant. It is especially important that the larger public know about the links these groups have to population control groups, in particular to proponents of Eugenics. Only by exposing them can the process of marginalizing and ultimately defeating them take root."


Mr. Rick Swartz, founder of the National Immigration Forum, is the President of Strategic Solutions in Washington, DC. He has long informed the immigration debate through advocacy, scholarship, and shaping left-right coalitions.

Mr. Jocelyn McCalla is a campaigner for the rights of refugees and immigrants, and a coherent American foreign policy based on respect for human rights and democratic principles.

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