The Lap Band Center: Find Out Why Lap Band Surgery May Be the Answer to All Weight Problems

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Dr. Naim from The Lap Band Center explains how lap band surgery can solve stubborn weight loss issues.

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Lap band surgery, also know as bariatric surgery, is a revolutionary form of weight loss surgery that guarantees consistent weight loss, making it the perfect solution for those who suffer from obesity.

As per Dr. Naim, head consulting doctor at The Lap Band Center, bariatric surgery is starting to gain popularity amongst those who suffer from obesity not only in the United States, but also worldwide. Aside from consistent and guaranteed weight loss, there are several other reasons why lap band surgery is the talk of the town.

1.    Lowered Risk of Diseases
It is a known fact that obesity brings about a myriad of other problems, the biggest being obesity-related issues. When a patient drastically loses weight through lap band surgery, he or she is also drastically reducing their risk of obesity-linked diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, liver and kidney failure, high cholesterol and many more. Not only will the patient’s physical health improve, so will their mental health. Weight loss has been known to boost confidence and self-esteem and many patients have greatly benefited from their mental and physical change.

2.    Minimal Scarring and Recovery Time
Lap band surgery is performed through a ‘key hole surgery’ method. This means that only a small incision is made to insert and remove the lap band around the patient’s stomach. Because only a tiny incision is made, there is minimal scarring and most patients feel better after only a few days out of the operating room.

3. FDA Approved Weight Loss Surgery
Lap band surgery is the only form of weight loss surgery that is 100% approved and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although other forms of weight loss methods currently flood the market, the fact that the FDA has given lap band surgery its seal of approval proves to the world that it is a safe and reliable form of weight loss.

4. Covered by Most Forms of Insurance
Many people tend to shy away from weight loss surgery because they think they cannot afford it. When it comes to lap band surgery, patients need not worry too much about the cost. Bariatric surgery is not classified as a form of cosmetic surgery, hence most insurance policies cover the cost of it. Although patients are strongly advised to speak with their individual insurance carriers on their policy coverage before undergoing the surgery, most patients end up not having to pay for the cost of surgery.

According to Dr. Naim, the pros of undergoing lap band surgery far outweigh the cons. However, patients are advised to consult their doctor as well as loved ones before deciding on surgery. At the end of the day, no matter what the patient decides to do, the best piece of advice that Dr. Naim can give is to stay positive.

As the head of The Lap Band Center, Dr. Naim is open to meeting and greeting patients who wish to learn more about bariatric surgery. Contact the Lap Band Center at 1-800-472-4900, or visit to find out more.

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