Pastor Danny Wells, 7 Bridges to Recovery, Announces Publication of The Last, The Lost and The Least, by author Lawrence Allen

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Pastor Danny Wells, fondly called Pastor 7, announced this week the publication of a book based on his life story. The Last, The Lost and the Least by author Lawrence Allen, based on true-life events in the life of Danny Wells which lead him to establish the 7 Bridges to Recovery organization in Atlanta, GA.

The Last, the Lost and the Least by Lawrence Allen

The Last, the Lost and the Least was published this month.

It is not a 12-step program, as Pastor 7 says, “It is one step, and that step is Christ.”

In a collaboration of minds and hearts, Pastor Danny Wells, fondly called Pastor 7 at his ministry headquarters, and author Lawrence Allen, have announced the publication of a novella, The Last, The Lost and The Least. This roughly 120-page book details many events in Wells life which molded his life into one of servitude to Christ, including more than two decades in prison.

“When I met Christ, my whole life changed. That’s why I changed my name from Danny Wells to Pastor 7. Danny Wells no longer exists. I am a new creature in Christ,” Wells explained. His ministry, 7 Bridges to Recovery, provides food, shelter and a way to escape from the life of drugs and crime. To the homeless, he provides more than 5000 meals each month. His team goes into the streets and “under the bridges” to bring the message of the Gospel to the last, the lost and the least. At any given time, he has 25 men in a full-time recovery program and 60 women with children in a separate program and housing facility.

When author Lawrence Allen heard of Pastor 7’s ministry, he decided the message was clear, Christ is the answer. He knew this compelling story needed to be told. He traveled to Atlanta from Texas, and met Pastor 7 and witnessed the transforming power that the ministry has on the homeless community. “There are more than 30,000 people living on the streets in Atlanta,” Allen said. “But it is not just in Atlanta, homelessness is a plague across the United States. What are we doing about it?”

His ministry has impacted so many people around the globe that every summer between 10,000 and 15,000 kids come to Atlanta for summer camps to work with him, packing lunches and distributing them to the homeless. “It’s an incredible thing that the Lord does—to Him be the glory!” said Pastor 7.

The purpose of the publication of the book is three-fold. First to tell anyone who is living on the streets, under a bridge, in a homeless community or who is so deep in drugs and crime that they can see no way out, is that there is a way. It is not a 12-step program, as Pastor 7 says, “It is one step, and that step is Christ.” The second purpose of the book is to share the message with churches and organizations around the country who are interested in starting a similar ministry in their own town. And lastly, it is a way for other believers to support the ministry, 7 Bridges to Recovery, with the purchase of the book. 100% of the book sales goes directly into the funding and growth of the organization.

While some editorial privilege was taken in the writing of the book, the basis is all true. Being homeless at the age of 10 and living on the streets alone, changed Wells forever. His years in the prison system also had a significant impact on him. But it was what he did with those experiences that makes his story great. He chose to use it for good. The power of Christ transformed his life, and he is a walking testimony of that power.

To read more about Pastor 7 and 7 Bridges to Recover, visit their web site at His book is available on line through Amazon, Kindle ebook, or by contacting the ministry at 7bridgestorecover(at)gmail(dot)com

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