LaunchDarkly Now Serving Over 2 Trillion Feature Flags a Day

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High volume reflects increasing focus on feature management as companies seek better control over the digital experiences and services they deliver

LaunchDarkly is a critical part of infrastructure for our customers, and these companies need to eliminate risk and deliver value to their customers.

LaunchDarkly, the leading feature management platform that software teams use to build better software faster, is now serving more than 2 trillion feature flags a day. Working with over 1300 customers globally, including HashiCorp, InVision, and IBM, LaunchDarkly has seen how organizations are using feature flags to respond to rapidly-changing work, social, and business environments.

Feature management is an industry best practice of implementing feature flags at the core of software development practices. LaunchDarkly customers use the Feature Management platform to reduce the time between ideation and getting new features in the hands of users, safely test and validate features before fully releasing them, launch new features without fear of introducing application instability, and empower teams across their organization (engineering or not) to control features in production.

“LaunchDarkly is a critical part of infrastructure for our customers, and these companies need to eliminate risk and deliver value to their customers,” said Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly. In a recent interview with NASDAQ, she shared “It’s really great to see how we’re empowering teams to get the right feature to the right person at the right time, and doing that in a safe and controlled manner.”

In just the last few months, LaunchDarkly has seen an increase in feature flag usage. Though many of their customers find themselves in unusual circumstances, they aren’t slowing down release cadences or dialing back on experimentation. LaunchDarkly has found they are using feature flags more heavily than before to deliver essential services, target geographic areas with different restrictions, or unlock firewalls for specific information. Some are using feature flags to quickly hide functionality that is no longer relevant or potentially insensitive to surface during critical events.

“We’re excited to empower customers to more seamlessly integrate LaunchDarkly into their existing tools and processes,” said John Kodumal, CTO and Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly. “We know the journey between flagging a feature to shipping a significant new release can be complex. Now teams can create powerful workflows within LaunchDarkly that better map to how they build, ship, and control software.”

In a recent announcement, LaunchDarkly shared Feature Workflows, new improvements to their Feature Management platform. Feature Workflows has three main building blocks:

  • Scheduling - Users can pre-define and schedule their flag and segment changes for future points in time.
  • Approvals - Team members can request or require approvals before making flag changes.
  • Metric Checks - Teams can trigger dynamic changes to flags when pre-defined thresholds are crossed.

These building blocks are composable and can be strung together to create repeatable templates that are applicable to any (or every!) feature release. Feature Workflows provides organizations with a standardized release process, ensures consistent best practices across teams, and helps automate and safeguard changes to features. Teams interested in getting early access are invited to sign up here.

In June Edith Harbaugh will be speaking about Progressive Delivery at Collision from Home. In a fast changing world where deploying quickly has become even more important, delivering continuously comes with inherent risks. Progressive Delivery is the technique of delivering changes first to small, low risk audiences, and then expanding to larger and riskier audiences, validating the results as you go. In her talk, Edith will discuss how teams use Progressive Delivery and share best practices around achieving Continuous Delivery.

Also, LaunchDarkly will host their annual Trajectory Conference in August. Due to recent global events, the conference will be held virtually. Trajectory will feature speakers who are pioneering modern development practices. Attendees can expect to hear from industry leaders from organizations including Honeycomb, VMware, Mulesoft, and Gremlin.

About LaunchDarkly
Founded in 2014 by Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal, LaunchDarkly is the feature management platform that software teams use to build better software, faster with less risk. Development teams use feature management as a best practice to separate code deployments from feature releases. With LaunchDarkly, teams control their entire feature lifecycles from concept to launch to value. Serving over 1300 customers, LaunchDarkly is used by teams at Atlassian, Microsoft, and CircleCI. LaunchDarkly is named on the Enterprise Tech 30 list, and on the Bay Area Best Places to Work list. Learn more at

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