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Learn Spanish methods are not all the same. New independent study statistics show the ability to learn Spanish offers big rewards including major financial and social benefits.

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Learn Spanish. These two simple words could mean the future for Americans in a new study by http://www.LearningSpanish.biz. According to their new independent research, learning to speak Spanish can be difficult for many people, but not anymore. Se habla Español? This phrase commonly appears on TV or in the window of a local store and many English speakers wonder, “How cool would it be to learn Spanish?”

The recently completed research shows over the last 10 years, a massive surge in the North American Hispanic population is causing the option to speak Spanish to no longer be a choice. All over the country — from farmers in small towns to city slickers — everyone seems to be scrambling to learn a language that is spoken by more than 35 million Hispanics in the United States and more than 400 million people worldwide. With more than 60 million people speaking Spanish as a second language, Spanish is the second most popular language learned by English speaking people and the most widely understood language in the western hemisphere. Many people are looking for fast and easy ways to learn Spanish so they can improve their business skills, make more money and have a better social life.

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Everyone is finding out the hard way. Not knowing Spanish is a major handicap when they are dealing with immigrants on the job, schmoozing at a small business cocktail hour, headed out to a nightclub or even taking an extravagant vacation to a Spanish speaking country. Even pop culture references sail over the heads of the unilingual and are becoming more and more prevalent with everyday phrases like "Yo quiero Taco Bell" for late night dining and songs "La Bamba" made famous in the 80’s continued to have spawn hundreds of chart-busting Spanish love songs by artists like Selena Gomez, J-Lo and Shakira. Of course there is also emergency situations when it is needed like when a police officer says, "Stop! Drop the weapon!" (¡Alto! Suelte el arma!) or when a medical worker needs to ask, "Where does it hurt?" (¿Donde le duele?)

In fact, if you type "learn Spanish" into any Internet search engine you will see thousands upon thousands of search results. Learning to speak any second language can be a very tough and long process for many people but with all new methods and simple courses, people can now learn it quickly, seemingly overnight.

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Data reflects that Spanish dominates every foreign language in American public schools, ahead of French and German, with enrollment growing more 200% over the last two years and continuing to grow, primarily due to an influx of Spanish speaking immigrants.

Other statistics further validate the fact that the number of adults are enrolling in costly, time consuming night classes and private Spanish language courses across the country are soaring, even in the most unexpected areas where Spanish is not prevalent.

More data reveals that it is becoming harder every day to ignore the spread of the Hispanic language throughout the United States and even around the world when traveling. Phone systems, ATMs, signs, websites are all making a need to learn Spanish a necessity and numbers show that learning a second language can be difficult for most people, so more people are searching online to find faster and easier ways to learn it.

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News outlets have reported that many parents are increasingly urging their kids to learn Spanish and class registration numbers are through the roof, with sign-ups increasing more than 90% since the 1970s. The U.S. Department of Education projects more than one-quarter of all high school students are learning to speak Spanish.

Human Resource and Job hiring experts say that the dominance of Spanish in the workplace is an absolute necessity with more and more people needing to be able to communicate in Spanish. In fact, studies show that businesses can double when they have a Spanish-fluent workforce and based on demographics alone, the need is only going to grow.

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LearningSpanish.biz is a language instruction company that provides people the ability to learn new languages for business, personal or vacationing reasons. They specialize in teaching people who don’t have time to learn a language in the classroom or with a tutor and want to learn it in a fast and simple way.

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